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Rome ideas

Help!  My FI and I have both been married before.  Long story short he has a business meeting in Rome so I am going with him in mid Sept.  This is a sort of last minute thing.  It is not set in stone but we may do an elopement there.  Get married just the two of us. 

Does anyone have experience with obtaining the necessary documents and doing a quick English language marriage there?

Because it is business too we will be staying only in Rome.  Please let me know what day trips from Rome we can take.  Someone mentioned Capri but I looked on a map and it looks far??  I would love to see other areas close by.  I don't want to go all that way and see only the one city.

I am a huge wine and beach person so any trips that include one of both of those would be wonderful.  I noticed on the map the beach is only 30 miles from Rome.

Thanks so much!!
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Re: Rome ideas

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    The Ostia beach is only a short train ride away.  Maybe 25 minutes or something. 

    It's a nice beach, but you have to take another little bus to get to the free parts of the beach.  There are some places you can pay for beach access (and they have chairs, food, drinks, etc.).  Or it could just be that I didn't know where the closer free beach access was.

    But like I said, it's a close, free, and nice beach that wasn't too crowded. 

    If you want to get a rail pass or buy train tickets for somewhere further, you can get to many places within a few hours.  To get to Capri, you'd have to take a train to Naples (probably around 3 hours), then you have to take either the ferry or the Hydrofoil from Naples to the island of Capri.  That's a long trek, and I would recommend staying the night in Capri if you chose to do that.

    I have no clue how to get married there.  You probably need to talk to someone here to make sure it's legal here.  You may even need to get married here and just have a ceremony in Rome.  (Don't quote me on that!)

    Good luck.  Sounds romantic!

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    My FI and I will be in Rome for a bit of our honeymoon - we are both foodies, always looking for the local scene, and we found this tour that has PHENOMENAL reviews.  It's only 4 hours so you'll still have the whole day to do other stuff.  If you email them and let them know you're there getting married/honeymooning they will give you a discount code (ours is for 15% off).  We're definitely doing this!!

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    I have no clue about getting married there, but people do DW's all the time, so I would think it would be totally legal.  How long are you planning on staying in Rome?  My husband and I were there last year as part of our honeymoon.  We were there for 4 nights and I'm not sure if we saw everything.  So, if this is a short trip, I'd say you'd be fine there the whole trip and not be bored.  
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    Have you already looked at this?  -   http://travel.state.gov/law/citizenship/citizenship_754.html

    We were just in Rome earlier this month.  If you want to check out Capri, you can easily take the train from Rome to Naples.  The ride is one hour, ten minutes.  Then you'd need to take a ferry over to Capri.  We preferred Positano to Capri.  

    You could also do a day trip to Tuscany.  The Chianti region would be about a 3 hour ride from Rome, so it might be a long day, but Tuscany was one of our absolute favorite places in Italy. We stayed at a place in Montepulciano called Villa Cicolina which would be absolutely amazing for a wedding.  Not saying you should do this of course, but there would definitely be some gorgeous options for an elopement.   

    Do you have to spend the whole time in Rome?  If not, why not tack on a few extra days somewhere?  
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    Rome is great!  I highly reccomend Vatican City.  Also, a great day trip is to Florence.  The tuscany countryside is beautiful and in Florence you can see the Staue of David, Ponte Vecchio, and some great museums and churches.
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    Hi!  I lived in Italy for 3 years, 2 of which were before my H and I got married. I'll put it to you this way-- we went back to the US to get married. It's a total PITA to get married there, and the bureaucracy there is a NIGHTMARE.  I wouldn't recommend doing it on the fly like this.  If you want to get married there, do your diligence and fully understand what it entails.  

    Italy is not Vegas. You can't just show up there and get married. 
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    When I visited Rome, we did a group bus trip to Pompeii. It was a full day, but was good (the time in Pompeii was admittedly a little long). There were also day trips to Capri, and I've heard that's gorgeous. So, as PPs said, you could definitely navigate to either spot on your own, but if you weren't comfortable with that, you could look into bus tours.
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    I love Capri, I was engaged there, but Anacapri, on the top of the island is much nicer and more local. We stayed at a BB villa and were treated to the most magnificent views of the Mediterranean. Also, one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Ill Cucciolo, is on a cliffside in Anacapri (close to the blue grotto). The blue grotto is really neat and even though it is forbidden to go swimming in there, if you go after the boats are done (5pm) many people do this and it is incredible. The main port of Capri is really touristy, but you won't find many tourists in Anacapri (out closer to Il Faro). Plus, Capri is famous for its limoncello. 

    Agreed with PP though- Capri is a bit of a trek from Rome- Train to Naples, then HF to Capri. Additionally, the Italian train is notorious for being late (depending on the train you take) so keep this in mind. 

    If you can manage it, as one PP mentioned, Florence and even Sienna are wonderful cities. Enchanting, really. Rome itself is also an enchanting city, and September is a great time to visit. There is just so much to see in Rome. Every church, the Spanish steps, all the restaurants (OMG the food!) and the vatican museum are some of my favorites. Even the colleseo and ruins. 

    Not quite sure about getting married there. As with anything else (I lived in Milano for a while studying), the bureaucracy there is quite... well... not as efficient as here in the states. 
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    I wouldn't try to get married there.  I spent 3 weeks there a few years ago and didn't get to see everything.  There's a LOT to see, and if you like to eat there's a lot to eat.  The food is better in Tuscany, I thought.  Sort of gross in Naples, but I'm not a huge shellfish person.

    A fantastic day trip is pompeii and florence like pp's said.  I also really loved seeing tivoli and hadrian's villa - tivoli has some truly amazing and very very old gardens.  It's a bus trip from the city.
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