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Can anyone give advice on travel insurance? We're going to Tahiti/Moorea/Bora Bora for our honeymoon and we got quoted $400 for travel insurance through Travel Guard. I'm just wondering if anyone has used them or another company and thought it was worth it or had problems? Thanks!
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Re: Travel Insurance

  • Ive used Travel Guard for some of my Tahiti trips. Most policy prices are based on destination and trip cost and if it's the policy that we had, it includes cancel for any reason coverage. I don't think you'll find anything cheaper for that destination and that level of coverage. FWIW as well, most of my Tahiti trips were 10K+, but one of them was not and I still ended up paying over $100pp for something that rally only included my aifare cost. Also, I just got married in Australia and somewhat basic insurance was almost $1K! Again, based on destination and trip cost...


  • Travel insurance is always worth it. Even if you never have to make a claim. I used to work for my provincial health department and I would see hospital bills from out-of-country and it's insane how much you can wind up paying. And depending on your policy things like transporting your remains home (in the event of death) and accomodations during an emergency can be included. Go over the policy you want with a fine tooth comb. Make sure your policy will not be rendered void by any of the activities you plan on doing. I stress this bolded part.
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  • We used travel guard for our Riviera Maya HM.  SIL used them for DR HM and actually used the policy (one of their suitcases were lost and they had to buy items while waiting for it to arrive).  They had no issues filing a claim and getting money back
  • Insurance on major trips like this are very important.

    That is a website many brides on here use to book their insurance. We used it for our honeymoon to Europe and were able to compare insurance policies side by side and see which one was the best coverage for the least amount of money.


  • ive used insuremytrip.com for years for all kinds of trips. as with any insurance you must read adn understand the terms, limits, conditions and exclusions to determine if it's worth it or not.


  • Thanks everyone, I really like the insuremytrip.com website. Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to get some sort of insurance, just need to figure out which one will be best for us.
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    We bought Travel Guard trip insurance based on recommendations from CMGr. 
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  • We used travel guard also for our dubai, maldives trip.  no incident so did not need to get in touch with them after we bought the insurance but it was great to have a peace of mind.
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