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Waterproof Camera?

Is it worth buying a waterproof camera, even a disposable one if we are honeymooning in a tropical area? Just wondering if anyone has any information on what they did or are going to do! Thanks!

Re: Waterproof Camera?

  • I brought a waterproof disposable for one of our vacations and we took it snorkeling. It was pretty fun. The pictures are okay, nothing special. I think I got it at Target for like $17 or something.
    June 16, 2012
  • We bought a few and used them snorkeling and on days where we didn't want to risk getting our good cameras wet. The picture coloring looks like Instgram. We got a couple of decent photos but you won't capture the vibrant colors of the fish with a disposable camera.
  • We bought a really nice Nikon digital waterproof camera since H has ruined three (yes three!) cameras by getting them wet in way one or another. So ours isn't really for snorkeling or anything, but rather just to ensure we aren't out another digital camera!

    I've never taken it underwater, but it takes great normal pictures and was only about $40 more than the non-waterproof Nikon we looked at.

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  • My MOH got me a waterproof camera as a gift, and I love it. I use it to take pictures normally, but I can also bring it in the water. We took it snorkeling twice. It was extra nice on the day we went to Chichen-Itza and it rained- I didn't have to worry about whether my camera was getting wet, I could just take pictures anyway. 

    If you already have a really nice digital camera, it might not be worth it, but if you're looking to get a new one anyway I'd say go ahead and buy one that can go underwater. I've used mine for more than just my honeymoon- I went to a waterpark with my family last month and was able to take some cool pictures going down water slides. 

  • I can't give you advice on what camera to buy but I can tell you which one to stay away from.  I had the Fujifilm FinePix XP10 for less than a week.  It was a piece of junk.  Photo quality was terrible.  I returned it.
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  • You don't have to buy a waterproof camera.  My H and I purchased a waterproof bag made for our digital and we were able to take pictures underwater with it.  It was only $20 bucks and the pictures were beautiful.

  • I have a case for one of my cameras that is waterproof, and also a waterproof bag for one that doesn't have a case.  The case works wonders.  We took it when we went swimming with the sharks and we got absolutely beautiful pictures, so I would definitely say it's worth it.  I don't think regular waterproof cameras really do any underwater scenes justice.  

    The bag (bought at REI)  works well, too.  It's a little hard to manuever around and make sure that the camera starp isn't in the way, and obviously it's harder to change settings/zoom/snap the picture when the camera is in a bag, but it still gave us some good shots.  
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  • imo the disposable ones aren't worth it at all.  if you already have a camera you can shop around for a waterproof case made for that camera by the manufacturrer or there's tons of very very strong ziplock bag types of things that you can put your camera in.


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    As someone who prints a lot of film....

    Waterproof disposeable cameras are fun when the water is clear and there is a lot of sun light. If you're in mirky water on a cloudy day, you'll be disappointed.

    There are some point and shoot waterproof cameras out there that are good cameras. Like the Fujifilm XP series, or the Olympus "Tough" cameras. They're aren't prone to "lens errors" like regular point and shoots because the lens is protected in the casing. Those are good if you plan to be in wet areas or re prone to dropping things.
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  • I considered a disposable camera, but when I found out they were about $15 each and I'd want to buy 2 or 3 for our entire trip I decided to buy a cheap used waterproof camera on Ebay.  I got the Olympus Stylus 850SW for $70 and REALLY like it so far!  I might use it as my everyday camera because the pictures seem better!
  • We used a cheap waterproof camera and completely worth the money. Just spend the $70-$100 on a cheap one and get pictures that will be worth it. Then at least you will have a digital camera and can see the quality which is different then a disposable.


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    [QUOTE]You don't have to buy a waterproof camera.  My H and I purchased a waterproof bag made for our digital and we were able to take pictures underwater with it.  It was only $20 bucks and the pictures were beautiful.
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    We did the same thing and it worked perfectly! Ours was a dicipac brand i believe! Definitely worth it, for the same price as a disposable waterproof camera you get the photo quality of your digital!
  • If you go the bag route please read the reviews. I borrowed someone's bag and it leaked after my second snorkel trip. Now I have a new camera.
  • We purchased the Canon D20 a few months ago for our trip to the Turks and Caicos. It was a great investment and the underwater pictures turned out great! 
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