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Bora Bora

I really think this is where I want to go. No matter how  hard I try to find somewhere else that is more affordable, I find myself disappointed. Anyone have any tips to getting the most out of a trip to Bora Bora with any cost saving tips? TIA!

Re: Bora Bora

  • We're staying at Moorea in a garden bungalow w/ private plunge pool, then going to Bora Bora and staying in an overwater bungalow.  We're saving money by staying in the garden bungalow, yet will still get to have the overwater bungalow experience for the 2nd part of our HM.  Also, Costco Travel has decent deals.

  • What is your budget? It's possible to do Bora Bora a little more cheaply if you consider the following:
    1. Travel in low season. November-April
    2. Don't stay in an OWB or stay for one only part of the time. The Bora Bora Pearl has some fantastic garden bungalows with plunge pools or beach bungalows with jacuzzis. The Sofitel Private Island has some gorgeous lagoon view bungalows. Also consider the Hilton Bora Bora Nui's hillside villas. They sit up on a hill and have a great view of the gorgeous lagoons.
    3. Consider Le MaiTai Polynesia. It's more of a 3.5-4 star, but it's small, has overwater bungalows, great access to the main island, and it's almost all-inclusive!
    4. Be sure to stock up on liquor and foods at the local markets. Also bring some snacks from home, like granola bars. You will save on meals this way.
    5. Of course, consider one of the other islands! Tikehau is an atoll (so not mountainous) but has the most beautiful lagoon colors. It's a very quiet island, though. Moorea is also a fantastic option. For the best lagoon colors and fabulous snorkeling, check out the Hilton. the deluxe garden bungalows there are a great value and have plunge pools! You can also access Moorea via ferry, which saves on airfare costs. The Te Tiare on Huahine is also a nice, authentic, private resort. The overwaters there are among the cheaper ones in the islands.

    I've stayed at all of the resorts I've mentioned and have been to almost all of the tourist islands there. I have spent $20K on trips there and have spent much, much less. It's doable if you are willing to just be there to soak it all in rather than just having to stay at the most expensive resort in the most expensive rooms. That being said, I would still budget around $4K at the very least for 5 nights in a standard room in Moorea.



  • One other recommendation: check out the Cook Islands. Rarotonga is a lot like Moorea and Aitutaki is a lot like Bora Bora in regards to lagoon colors. Airfare is cheaper (Air Tahiti Nui runs around $1100pp on average; Air New Zealand to the Cooks runs around $900-$950 per person) and the currency there is based off of the New Zealand dollar, which has a fantastic exchange rate right now. There is also one resort in Aitutaki that has OWBs (Aitutaki Lagoon Resort). The Cooks are a blend of Fiji and Tahiti- smaller, more intimate resorts like Fiji, but the more colorful lagoons like Tahiti! We're actually looking at going there over Thanskgiving.


  • Thanks for the replies! I love all the suggestions. I will look at everything you mentioned. We are getting married in May 2013. The last time we were in Hawaii, specifically Kauai, we met a couple that vacations in the Cook islands often. The only thing that turns me away is the fact that I am not finding a flight that goes directly from Los Angeles. I hate flying past someplace to get there, I don't like to waste the travel time.  Also, I read some peoples comments about the Cook Islands having a strong current and that sort of turned me off. I love the idea of the lagoons with the calm water for snorkeling. When we were in Kauai, the current really takes away from the snorkeling. It's really strong and if you aren't a great swimmer it can be a little scary. I grew up next to the Pacific Ocean in California, so I feel safe swimming in the ocean, but the experience I am looking for is that calm beautiful clear water. I know Kauai is a little more dangerous than Oahu and Maui people do drown there and I can see why.  I did feel a big difference there in the water than the other Hawaiian Islands.

    I don't mind not having the 5 star experience. I actually like the smaller, less crowded places. I will research the suggestions! Thank you so much!!
  • There are direct flights to the Cooks. They depart LAX on Sundays and return on Saturdays. The only downside is that you are there either 5 nights or 12 nights. Fiji could also be another option. Check out Namale, Vatulele, the Mamanucas (LikuLiku or Tokoriki), Royal Davui or Matangi. The waters aren't quite as colorful, but they also offer a private island feel. Fiji is also a bit cheaper than Tahiti not only with flights and rooms, but also what you spend once you are there. Example- LikuLiku's overwaters run around $1500/night, but they also include all of your meals. There is a picture of the Likuliku pool somewhere in my bio. It's just an incredible view.


  • another thought.....we cruised around all the islands( Princess)...and then stayed about 5 days on Bora Bora we used Sofitel because it was more affordable...we got to enjoy all the others and made the trip more affordable...about the market....just remember they use the Euro and the rate was not good for dollars....so everything is sooooo expensive except bread...its govt subsidized....but we did buy local fruits ect...also do you have any skymiles...that helped out our trip cost...
  • We are going to Bora Bora and staying in an overwater bungalow that we found on VRBO. It is around 2K for the entire week and you can rent the guy's car for $50 a day. We are going to Kia Ora for the other week and staying in a resort which is more pricey, but we are saving a lot by going through VRBO. That's another option! 
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