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Any one honeymoon in Bermuda before or going to?  Tell me about it.  Where to stay.  What to do. 

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    I see you live in Connecticut - is it possible for you to take a cruise there? We went to Bermuda last summer on Norwegian, and met honeymooners while there.  

    Cruises are basically "all inclusive" (with the exception of alcohol) and  can save you some money. You do get less days in Bermuda than if you were to fly there, but I think we would have run out of money had we been there an entire week!

    Be careful on the scooters - 2 of the passengers on our ship were involved in bad scooter accidents and had casts/wheelchairs. It's very scary.

    Horseshoe Bay is a beautiful beach, and calm and perfect for swimming. There are also coves that are great for snorkeling. Renting a waverunner and going on a tour was also great, and we swam with the dolphins in the Maritime Museum. 

    Downtown Hamilton is a fun place to explore and shop. The aquarium and zoo and the Crystal Caves are inexpensive sights that take about an hour to do (each) and are nice. Buy the bus pass - it was about $10 for 2 or 3 days, and allowed us to hop on and off any bus. 

    Have fun!
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