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Hey Knotties!

My fiance and I are planning a larger honey a few months after our wedding, but we want to do something small for right after the wedding. We're planning to go to NYC. Neither of us have really been. Because we're planning a larger trip down the road, we're hoping to keep our mini-honeymoon somewhat inexpensive. Any recommendations for hotels or sections of NYC to stay in that aren't outragously priced (under $200 a night) but still near fun attractions? Not knowing the area, it's really hard to judge which parts of the city are the "places to visit". Thanks!
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Re: New York City Hotel Location

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    I've been to NYC six or seven times now.  Quite frankly, Manhattan is expensive.  (I'm assuming you want to stay in Manhattan.)  You may not be able to find a nicer hotel for less than $200/night. The place I always stayed was the Milford Plaza www.milfordplaza.com in Midtown.  I understand they recently renovated and I'm not sure if their rates have changed but, I've found they were BY FAR the most affordable and their location can't be beat. 

    Ultimately, Manhattan is a small island so it's easy to get around and nothing is really ever too far away!  Have fun!  It's my favorite city!!!
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    I live in NYC and we've sent friends to the DoubleTree in mid-town east because you can sometimes get rooms for as low as $159.  I sometimes stay there for work and it's nice enough.  It's a block away from the train station and a few blocks walk to Rockefeller Center.  In my opinion a nicer area than the usual tourist area of Time Square but still pretty easy to get to everything.

    I recently had friends stay at the Milford Plaza as well, and they liked it.
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    I agree with the above poster, you are going to want to stay in Manhattan because that is pretty much what we think about when we think about NYC.

    Check www.tripadvisor.com for hotel reviews by real guests,  and prices. You can enter the city you are looking for, then the price range. There are 68 hotels under $175.
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    I live in Manhattan and $200 /night, depending on the time of year, is nearly impossible for a decent place. There are a bunch of newer hotels in Chelsea, like the Hilton Garden Inn, Days Inn, etc that are more reasonably priced. The neighborhood is fine but nothing special (it's not really Chelsea, it's the garment district which is DEAD at night). Your best bet is to check Groupon/Living Social for deals. 

    Check TripAdvisor THOROUGHLY before booking anything, a lot of "hotels" are really just hostels. Also, be prepared-hotel rooms in this city are TINY compared to most places-sometimes you can barely open the door because it knocks into the bed (The Hudson Hotel and Dream Hotel are both like this. I've seen freshman doors that are more spacious.)
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    My parents stayed at the Doubletree mentioned by a previous poster, and they couldn't believe how nice it was (by NY standards) for the price.  Please do NOT just stay anywhere that's under $200 because ya, that's rare so I'd check it out thoroughly first.  Not only are hotels in the city smaller, they just seem skuzzierr and a little less clean than a hotel room for the same price in another city would be.
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    I've stayed in the city several times for work, for a week each time.  I'm not sure on the prices, but I have stayed at the Hampton Inn Manhattan 35th street/Empire State Bldg, New York Helmsley, Waldorf Astoria, and the Hampton Inn Manhattan Times Square South.  I've also stayed across the river at the Homewood Suites in Edgewater, NJ and taken the water taxi into the city. Its more convenient to stay in the city, but the hotel in Edgewater was much cheaper, had an awesome breakfast as well as food at night, and was located in a really nice plaza w/ stores and restaurants, and plenty of trails to walk along the hudson river.  All of the hotels I mentioned in NY are close to the subway and things to do.  The  Hampton Inns have free breakfast and free wifi, which is unusual for NYC.  Good luck!!

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    Check out Jetsetter.com (it's a members-only site, but membership is free) - they run ongoing sales on NYC hotels.  Since you've never really been before, I agree with others - aim to stay in the Times Square area, it's about as "quintessential NYC" as you can get.
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    You could always come to Jersey and take the path to Manhattan.
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    I LOVE NYC - my advice to you is to go to vrbo.com & search '299499' - this little studio apartment is very lovely.  I stayed here last October and it was just perfect.  My FI and I were able to walk to most places in the theatre district (Broadway, Times Square, etc.)

    This apartment is located in the Hell's Kitchen distric which is a little scary at first due to a lot of New Yorkers actually LIVE here, so it's not as nice as like Rockefeller Center area (which is a big touristy area...)

    This place is the cheapest you will find in the manhattan area and it is SO cute. You have a kitchen area, a flat screen TV, you basically feel like you're living in NYC.  Tiffany the owner of the apartment building is also very very nice & she will help you with directions, subway confusion, restaurant advice, etc.

    I would recommend going to the Chelsea Market (you have to take the subway..) Doughnut Plant has AMAZING doughnuts (you also have to take a subway) - The Blue Dog Cafe is about a 15 min walk, we went there every morning for coffee & breakfast! 

    I get excited telling people about NYC.  It's my favorite :) If you have any more questons, i'd be happy to help you out!! 

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    Also the "Lime Jungle" has amazing mexican food.
    & "Shake Shack" is a MUST
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    Wow! Thank you ladies! For never really going to NYC, this is VERY helpful. The hopes of keeping the hotel under $200 a night is because the whole trip needs to stay under $1,000 as we are paying for part of the wedding ourselves, and we're taking a larger honeymoon a few months later. Keep the suggestions coming, and I'll be looking into all the recommended hotels above. :) THANK YOU!!!!
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    in june, under $200 a night is close to impossible.  there are many many many great hotels in new jersey-just a short ferry ride or train ride away. hoboken etc.. actually IN manhattan-very tough.


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    FI and I booked a room at the Midtown East W for just over $200 a night back in October (there was some sort of promotion going on- I think it was like $205 a night?)  Don't know if you could get the same rate in the summer, though.  Tiny rooms (typical for New York), but good location, and the W chain is pretty reliable.  Just a thought.

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    You might want to also check out airbnb.com. They have listings of house/apartment rentals, which can be a fun option. Just make sure to read reviews to get a sense of how clean/safe it is. I would also recommend checking out where the place is on a map so you have a sense of whether it's near a subway.

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