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What will guests toss at you after the ceremony?

I met up with our venue coordinator yesterday, and she confirmed that we can use flower petals or confetti, as long as the ceremony is outside. I'm still not sure which we'll use, and I thought about small paper aeroplanes as well. I don't like bubbles or rice.

What are  you using?
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Re: What will guests toss at you after the ceremony?

  • I'm doing sparklers because my ceremony is at night.
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  • All of our wedding is inside so we're not doing this because it's too messy.
  • Our ceremony is inside - and once you walk outside - you're pretty much right on the street - so nothing.
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  • I thought about blowing bubbles as we walk down the aisle. I don't think I'm doing a grand exit or anything.
  • I want to make petal cones for tossing whatever we decide to use for tossing. I like flower petals and I know where we can get tons of rose petals for almost nothing. OR if we decided to skip that, I saw these cute little tissue paper (or any other light paper) hearts that I really liked as well. Maybe we'll even do a mix, who knows. And since I love pics, here's the cute tissue paper hearts I saw that I loved

    I love how pretty they look as they fall! :)
  • We are doing something similar to what I saw on the knot where on the back side of the program fan says like yay and congrats. So ppl can wave them as we exit :)
  • Everything at my wedding is inside and in the same building. So I'm not doing anything. It gets to slipery so my venue doesn't allow it. I really like the way bubbles look in pictures though so I may have some for the outside pictures.

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  • We are doing bubbles bc the outside venue we are using doesnt let you use anything but bubbles, real petals or birdseed since its a park and the rest is a mess &/or hazardous to wildlife.  
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  • It doesn't make sense for us to do an exit b/c we are actually staying at the church after the ceremony for pics, and the guests are moving on to the reception location, so we're not doing this. If we could do it, I would probably do some kind of ribbon wands or sparklers, that don't make any mess b/c they're just waved at you, not thrown.
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  • Sparklers!!!! Well not throwing them at us hopefully lol
  • We are not allowed to throw anything.

     I was going to do ribbon wands for our guests to wave as we went up the aisle, but FMIL said that she had never seen that before and she doesn't think it is a good idea because she can't imagine that people would do it because they would look like fairies.  So that idea was shot down just because she hasn't seen it before she thought it was stupid and people would look like fairies waving sticks with ribbons on them. She has very few opinions about the wedding though and they are usually about things she has never seen done at one.
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  • I doubt we are doing anything.  Maybe bubbles but I'd have to check with the church if they would allow that.  I know we can't have any flower petals or anything for the flower girl inside.

  • I was thinking bubbles, since it's outside, and it would be best for the schedule for them to be blown as we're coming up the aisle (after a brief receiving line, we're probably going to go right to pictures before the reception), but I'd never heard of the sparklers before. That's super cute!
  • The bridesmaids will hand each guest a small bell at the end of the ceremony. As we exit the church, everyone will ring the bell. No mess and the guests get to keep the bells.
  • We're doing rose petals in petal cones. 
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  • Sparklers! I've found they are wonderfully cheap if you don't buy them from wedding venders. I love things that are sparkley and it goes with my theme :)
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  • our situation is the same as BMores - we will do a receiving line and then stay in the church for some formal photos. Guests will already be moving along to get ready for the reception so there is no time for a formal exit, and it really wouldn't make sense for us to do one.  
  • I want to use bubbles but I want them to wait until after the reception since the ceremony and  reception will be at the same place

  • Bubbles after the ceremony and then sparklers for our grand exit after the reception :-) I think it's fun to do a little somehing to get your guests involved.
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  • we are having lavendar buds.  we are having them do it as we enter the reception site.   we didn't want them at the church because then we would have littl epieces all over us in the pictures, so we are calling ahead and our guests will line up along the pathway to the reception entrance and throw it as we pass them while entering.  kind of a backwards reception line.  then we are all seated together to really start the reception part.
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