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Affordable Hawaii location?

Are there any packages/deals for an all inclusive Hawaii honeymoon? Looking to spend under 2,000.


Re: Affordable Hawaii location?

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    There are no AI in Hawaii. I think the cheapest island is either Kaui or Oahu. I don't think under $2000 is possible with the cost of plane tickets. I live in KY and just to fly to Maui is $1000 per person.
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    I think with your budget you would get a lot more if you chose a place in the Caribbean.  There are tons of AIs there.. the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica tend to have some of the best deals.  GL! 
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    Are you including flights in that price?  Because if that is your total budget you'll have about $300 left after airfare, so unless you're going camping in Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean would be better options
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    Hawaii is one of the most, if not THE most, expensive honeymoon destinations out there. If your total budget is $2,000 and you don't already live in Hawaii, it's probably not going to be possible.

    I agree with other posters that $2,000 will get you a great honeymoon at an all-inclusive in Mexico or the Caribbean. You should start looking into other options, because you have a ton! :)

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    There is no Ai in Hawaii and it is incredibly expensive. Airfare alone will kill your budget.

    Like PPs said, I think checking out Mexico or the Caribbean would get you a lot further with your budget, and they do have Ais in both those locations.

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    I am in the same situation. I would love to go to Oahu from Boston and have 2k for air and hotel for 7 nights - is that doable
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