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Not now, TK!

Some of our posts are getting eaten. I am mad, my shower is in 2 hours and I need my July 2012 board fix!

I guess I'll just go off and sit nervously until it is time to leave.
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Re: Not now, TK!

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    Come on!  You already got through one and you didn't know anyone at that one.  You'll be fine!  Who's throwing this one?
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    You will be fine!! Like Nancy said you already had one!

    So i am about 99% sure my shower is today!
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    Haha! I can't help being nervous about being in the center of attention. This one will be entirely different group of ladies- all FMIL's friends. I think I'll be nervous for every shower except the one hosted by my friends.

    But this time my mom is going with me :)
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    I hope you have a blast! 

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    Have fun!
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