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so I have been thinking and reading about alternatives to a full blown honeymoon right after the wedding. I have set a cheap budget ($6000) for our wedding as I am in nursing school at the time and we plan to get married a couple of months after I graduate. I don't want to ask our families to pitch in as we have all been affected by the poor economy and things like that. We will be moving, I will be starting a new job, blah blah blah blah. Okay so my question is...Did anyone do a "mini-moon" and kind of postpone the honeymoon until it made more sense? I obviously won't be asking for vacation time when I haven't been working for very long, and it would be smarter financially just for us to maybe take the weekend after the wedding (we are planning a Thursday wedding) and maybe go to the beach in Destin or go and stay two nights in downtown New Orleans, just relax a couple of days, and then for our first anniversary or so go plan for a fantastic vacation. Did anyone do this? Any regrets postponing the honeymoon? Any opinions? Thanks so much :)

Re: mini-mooning?

  • I really hate the phrase "mini-moon" but I have heard of a lot of people doing what you're describing, so you wouldn't be alone!  If it makes more sense to postpone the big vacation, by all means do it.
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  • mini-mooning. I have to agree with you. It makes me think of a small child mooning someone...mini-moon. haha!
  • I think more and mroe people are doing this because of money and work.  If it's what is best for you spend a few days together near home then take a big trip on your first anniversary or another time when you can do it.  Weddings are expensive and there isn't always money left over for honeymoons.
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  • we're not getting married until October 2011, but we plan on doing the same thing.  FI is a teacher and i'm a full time grad student, and can't take days off, so we'll be doing our honeymoon in the summer of 2012.  We live in eastern PA, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia is one of our favorite places, and only a 5 hour drive.  There's an inn that we absolutely adore, so we'll spend just a couple of days down there relaxing before heading back to a busy work week.
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