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Hi all!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and ate as much as I did!  Just a quick backstory: DH and I got married this past August but due to a tight budget and an infant, we decided to postpone a honeymoon until our daughter was older and we saved enough money to go on one.  
We are planning to take a trip sometime in Summer 2013 but we aren't sure as to what we want to do.  Since this will probably be the only "Mommy & Daddy only" trip for quite some time, I am really leaning towards a Caribbean cruise.  Lots of activities available (if we want to partake), stopping at several different islands, etc.  DH wants to go to an all-inclusive resort that isn't as crowded as a cruise and has the idea of just taking it easy and really relaxing (which I am all for as well.)

Since neither of us has ever been on a cruise, I would love to get some insight from others who went this route for their honeymoon.  Did you find it to be too crowded and not honeymoon-ish?  Thanks in advance!
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  • i would not assume that an AI would be less crowded. summer (when kids are out of school) is crowded all overthe place-unless you hit an adults only resort.

    regarding the cruise: they can be or not be crowded but i've never felt really crowded. they're large enough to have your space. there's no reason a cruise can't be relaxing. you can visit different islands' beaches and relax all day if oyu want to. or not.

    not sure what you mean by 'honeymoonish'. i mean any trip can be a HM. just depends on what you want. dont focus on what you think a HM should be-focus on what you and FI want out of the trip.


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