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What to pack for December honeymoon in Riviera Maya

We have never been to Mexico so any advice on packing tips would be very much appreciated!

Re: What to pack for December honeymoon in Riviera Maya

  • In the link above my siggy pic I have a standard tropical weather packing list. The list is also downloadable and customizable if you have excel or open office. I also have travel tips that has a section on packing tips. HTH
  • dh and i go during december. the weather is nice but nights can be cool./chilly. for day time i live in bathing suits/cover ups and flip flops. for nights a skirt, capris, pants, shirts, short dresses and at least 2 cardigans. i bring about 4 shirts and the bottoms above and mix and match for a week. 2 pairs of shoes for night time. i also have a day pack/backpack and a small purse for nights.
    for day trips-i dont like sneakers so i have other shoes that i bring that arent flip flops. snorkel gear etc.. if you're planningon going ziplining i suggest capri workout pants as the harnesses are not comfy in jeans and/or shorts.
    that's it. for a week a carry on size suitcase is perfect. i also bring small containers of laundry liquid and my small travel clothesline and wash some stuff in the sink and rinse bathing suits-i have a ton of those so ill bring 4 or 5.
    i also usually double the workout capris for hanging around the hotel room. i get cold in the AC. i also bring one or 2 logn sleeved tshirts for plane or if it gets chilly.


  • ditto PP about it being cool at night...we went last January and I was surprised by how chilly it got when the sun went down!   Just bring a few cardigans and you'll be fine.  Bring TONS of $1s for tipping...even if the resort technically doesn't require tipping, you'll get better service if you do.  

    I'd just recommend not overpacking....for daytime don't bother bringing much more than bathing suits and coverups...you'll be in them all day and then probably changing into nicer stuff for evening.  So don't go crazy on casual shorts/tops, becuase you probably won't get much use out of them, unless you're doing a lot of excursions.

    Bring more books and mags than you think you'll need.  If you're planning a relaxing week of mostly beach/pool lounging, you'll be surprised how many books you burn through. 

    and don't forget your phone charger!
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