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Has any one used a living social deal for their honeymoon

it was recently suggested to me that I look into living social deals for our honeymoon ! Has anyone used one? What was the experience like!

Re: Has any one used a living social deal for their honeymoon

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    Our friends just bought one of those for The Landings- which was a Rock Resort.
    (Our group of friends all decided to go, most went through our the same travel agent who was able to get the resort to come close to matching the discounted price.)
    Anyhow, one couple opted to use the deal instead,  The Landings was sold and is no longer a Rock Resort as of April 1st.  The couples that all booked through the ta were all upgraded to suites because of the inconvenience, while the other couple hasn't heard anything from the coupon company and has been trying to no end to confirm their reservation, but the coupon company (it is either Living Social or Jetsetter) keeps referring them to Rock Resorts, but Rock Resorts doesn't have information on The Landings any longer.
    From what the coupon company told them, that alot of the resort deals are new or changing resorts, which is how they get the deals.  So if a deal is worth it to you, then go for it.  But I'd do some digging and see if you can find any reviews online.
     Hope that makes sense and helps.  Good luck!
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    We seriously considered it but ending up finding a deal on bookit that was just as good.  What made me nervous was that you purchase the deal and then book the nights and I am a worry wort and started thinking that perhaps they would end up booked the week of our honeymoon.  If you're not planning a honeymoon directly following your wedding I would say go for it, otherwise keep you eye out for deals on bookit and priceline!
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    No, I used bookit.com
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