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Caribbean in October?

Our honeymoon will be the last week of October, and we'd talked about going to Jamaica. However, I've read several articles that say Jamaica is really rainy in October. I know that hurricane season lasts through November, so I'm wondering if this will be the case throughout the Caribbean. Has anyone gone to Jamaica/Caribbean around this time or have any pointers?

Thanks so much!

Re: Caribbean in October?

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    Jamaica's rainy season is actually in the spring. However, it is the tropics and it can rain at any time. Also, in the rare chance a tropical storm or hurricane blows through, yes, it can rain. I would go and purchase trip insurance in the case that a hurricane does happen to blow through around the time of your trip. Just keep in mind that any tropical island, Caribbean or otherwise, can have rain at any time, regardless of the season.


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    Aruba doesn't get much rain, and it is outside the hurricane belt. I went in Dec last year. It was a sunny 85 degrees, day and night. We stayed at the Hyatt. Beautiful. 
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    We went to St. Martin last October. It rained for about 15 minutes in the week that we were there.
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    Been to Jamaica in October.  It rained every day - for about 15 minutes total.  I wouldn't worry about the rain at all.  We just took cover at the pool bar and let the rain pass.
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    I think hurricanes actually occur more in the beginning like August and September (doesn't mean one can't happen in October).  I actually plan on going to the Caribbean in October 2013 myself.
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    I'm going to St. Lucia in october....it's a risk though unlikely....but that is what travel insurance is for!
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