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Hi ladies! I am hoping for a little help with venues in the triad area. I was born and raised in High Point, but have been living in DC for several years now, so I'm a bit rusty when it comes to all of the places there are to choose from in the area. Most everyone I know that has married had at least the ceremony in a church if not the reception as well. But my fiance and I are looking for something a bit different. We want to have the ceremony outside, like in a nice garden, something naturally beautiful, and the reception inside at the same location. The ceremony will be short, so we don't see the point in shifting venues. The types of places that come up in online searches are things like Magnolia Manor, Castle McCulloch, The Groome Inn, etc. All gorgeous, but they don't really feel like us. The closest we've come so far is the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro...the interior felt very much like us but the outdoor location was terrible. We're hoping for Greensboro, since that's where we met and went to college together, but I think we've reached the point where we're willing to expand the search. Any ideas from local brides would be really appreciated!

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    Have you checked out the Grandover Resort and Golf?  We are having our wedding there in September.  The ceremony will be on the lawn overlooking the gorgeous golf course and gardens.  And then we will move inside for the reception.  The reception rooms do have minimums for food and beverage which range from a few thousand and up.  This is the best place we found in Greensboro, as everything is in one place and you can get most of the things you need right from the hotel.  Hope this helps!
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