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We've booked a Sandals honeymoon and I want to get a few really cute swimsuits, the problem is that I've got a pretty big bust so it's a) a small investment in a decent top and b) really hard to find nice supportive swim tops. I bought a VS swimsuit a few years back and was definitely unimpressed with it.

Does anyone have any recommendations of swimsuits for girls with a bigger bust?

Thanks in advance! 

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    I'm a 36 DD and TBH I got all on my HM swimsuites at Walmart for about $30.  They have a line of suites that go by your bra size.
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    I bought VS swimsuits for years but I was always buying the wrong ones. I wear a 36DD so I am in the same boat. I have bought swimsuits from Target, Walmart and JCPenny and never really had much luck. VS has a section for extra support. Some of the swimsuits look like bra tops but usually if you get them in a swim type fabric/color it tends to be pretty great. I don't like the biofit either. I like thicker straps and a little bit of push up. It makes me feel better supported, hurts my neck/back less and makes my boobs look less saggy (ugh big boobs!).

    Not sure what size you are but this link is usually where i start:

    I think other places are getting better about actually selling bra's with support (Mostly in just S,M,L etc) but some are getting the picture and actually doing the bra size with underwire. I tried on about 10 at Target last year and my boobs were falling out of all of them.

    Hopefully that helps. Good luck!


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    Thanks for the suggestions! 

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    I am a 30E (yes, there is such a thing) and I find the J. Crew D cup tops are good. I own several of their bandeau tops. The D cup tops have different sizing. For regular suit tops, I'm a medium, but for the D cup, I'm a small.


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    ive been buying my swimsuits at jcrew for as long as they've been selling them i think. i too bought some from VS and was disappointed so i returned them. crappy quality compared to crew.


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    I like the idea of J.Crew, I never would have thought to look there! Will definitely be taking a look.

    And Liastris- I think the only store I found was a good 45 minutes away and their selection was the typical teeny weenie bikini. Perks of living in rural S.E. PA! 
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    I am a 38G and buy all my swimsuits at Marshalls. Lane Bryant but  only when it's just a bra top, if it's like a tank or cami, it will fit by bust but not my waist.

    So annoying. VS kinda sucks for bigger breasted girls. Maybe Fredericks will have better ones.
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    [QUOTE]I just bought some tops from Land's End and was not impressed, they are going back. They come in cup sizes, but the hook is really stubborn and the straps dig into my shoulders. Would not recommend. <strong>Do you have a swim store near you? The best suit I ever got was from a swimstore. It was expensive, but I'm just now replacing it 6 years in Florida later.</strong>
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    This would be my suggestion as well. They do tend to be more expensive, but my favorite suits have been from stores that only sell swimsuits. Plus, the employees who work there can usually give you good suggestions for fitting your body type. My favorite suit was one that I would never have considered on the hanger - I didn't think it would fit my curves, but it was actually perfect.
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    Unfortunately the ones I usually pay an arm and leg for are the best ones. My favorites are usually from swim suit stores. Every two years or so I'll splurge for one. They last a long time and seem to be much more durable than your standard suit. 

    I've managed to find some decent ones at TJ Maxx and Marshals. You may have try on 15 to find one that works, but they're out there and much cheaper than what you'd buy at a department store or swim store - and often the same brands. As usual at those types of stores, you just have to be prepared for some searching. I'm 34 D and can still manage to wear the halter style, but they have to be decent quality. If you go early in the season, right around now, TJ Maxx and Marshals will have a large selection. But once summer hits there is very few to choose from. 
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