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I'm just wonder where others are staying the night of their wedding. Are you staying at home or getting a hotel room? We are thinking about staying in a hotel after the wedding but not sure where we want to stay. Our reception is at the Plamor so we wanted something that want too far of a drive. But I'm having a hard time finding a place that has a honeymoon suite or spa suite that would make it special and not just a hotel room. So what is everyone else doing?

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    we are def. staying in a hotel. we are letting family that is coming from far away stay at our house. good luck!
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    We had our reception at the Holiday Inn, which will be really close by. The room was free with the reception. It was just a standard king size room, but they also gave us champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. I was fine with just a regular room though, since all we really needed was a soft bed. ;) We just saved and put the money on that night and kept it for our honeymoon. I would like to point out, that we didn't get to our room until after 12 and were out of it by 10 the next morning so really not a lot of time spent in it.
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    Hi we just booked our room block for our guests and we have made our room reservation for our wedding night. We will be too tired to do anything but sleep.

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    Looking for a place to have a wedding that is budget friendly? Anyone have any ideas?

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    We are staying at a bed and breakfast by the Joslyn Castle. It's affordable and the rooms are beautiful!

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    magnolia hotel
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