Experience with Rental Companies?

Does anyone have experience using AAA Rents in Ralston or United Rent-All in Omaha? I'm looking to rent colored napkins, table runners and a pipe & drape backdrop. I was curious if anyone has used either company and if it was good, bad or ugly. Thanks!

Re: Experience with Rental Companies?

  • I'm planning on renting napkins and table skirting from united. My reception location usually uses AAA rents and she likes them - they just dont have the napkin color I'm looking for. I have been Into united 2x and had good experiences the staff was helpful. They even let me take home 2 napkins to decide what color to choose. Hoping the are good through the whole process. They will also deliver and pick up if you need that its $20 each way.
  • I have worked with both places for large events.  The prices at both are some of the best in the Omaha Area.  AAA Rents has the lowest for Pipe & Drape.  They will NOT deliver their rental items to a park, under any circumstances.  I wanted to rent chairs from them for my outdoor wedding but they will not deliver.  They do have really nice delivers guys but their office workers can be a bit disorganized.  They misplaced my order when I rented pipe and drape from the in March but it was caught ahead of time and did not effect my event in any way.  Their delivery charges are very reasonable.   United has a great selection and I am using them for my wedding.  I did have an issue with their delivery people being rude and disorganized at a large event I planned in July last year.  They did not do a very good job setting up which caused some issues for me being ready when the event was set to start.  They did refund us some of the money we paid for delivery (we had to pay a large amount extra for delivery early in the morning on a sunday since it was outside of business hours).  I do plan to address this issue ahead of time to make sure it is not a problem for my wedding.  They will only be delivering and setting up chairs so it should be pretty easy to do.  United also has the best hours of any rental place in town and the latest on Saturday's which will reduce your after hours charges.  
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