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Gown Preservation

Has anyone used a gown preservation service in the Omaha area? I'm looking into it right now and would love to hear any feedback as well as approximately what it costs. Thanks!

Re: Gown Preservation

  • I bought a kit from David's Bridal for around $90 when I bought my dress. You just put your dress in the enclosed pre-paid box, ship it off, and it'll come back to you perfectly preserved. Or that is what I hope, anyway. I didn't think it was a bad price, and very easy as it is just sent throught the mail.
  • All they do is put it in the box and wrap white tissue paper around it then seal with clear shipping tape. After we had our dress cleaned we went back into check dress before sending off. After giving the ok it was sent to the special place to do the magical preserving!!! I knew better than to fall for this because I've read so many books on the subject but again I let the possible what if's creap in and did it anyway. For that kind of money maybe I will go into the business of preserving wedding dresses. I'm sure there is a vendor that sells the actual display boxes for only a fraction of what they charge you.
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