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Need help picking a hotel, opinions please

For our honeymoon, we are staying in a very nice, beautiful, secluded cabin. However, I was thinking of extending our honeymoon an extra day or two at a historic downtown hotel. All of these are over 100 years old and have fabulous architecture, location, and history. So please help me pick one:

Choice A: built in the late 1800's, supposed to be super haunted (it was a hospital at one time and there is a morgue in the basement), and really pretty on the outside. The reviews online aren't super great, the rooms are a little outdated, and this is the most expensive:

Choice B: Built in the early 1900's, very pretty, also supposed to be haunted, lowest price of the three, and gets fairly good reviews:

Choice C: great reviews, second highest in price (although the difference isn't much), not haunted, very beautiful, and comes with perks like a jacuzzi, snacks in room, updated room, etc:

Re: Need help picking a hotel, opinions please

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