The Fountains Ballroom - any former brides use this venue?

I've already signed up to have my ceremony and reception at The Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood, IA. I know that my wedding is on next years's menu for them (May 2012), but ever since I went in to discuss designing ideas, I can't get anyone to talk to me. Is this normal? Does anyone know when I get to see mock-ups of my designs? They gave me a proposal MONTHS ago, and I don't want to sign off on anything until I see what it's going to look that wrong? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!

Re: The Fountains Ballroom - any former brides use this venue?

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    They have a showroom out by Rockbrook that you can do all of it at. They only do the design aspect out there. Fountains was too pricy for me, $10,000 minimum not counting food, yikes!
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    If you have that kind of budget and not signed anything I would check out Castle Unicorn, it is even prettier
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    I would be a little leary.. They dont have youre money yet and they are acting this way.. how do you think it will go once they DO have your $$?  makes me nervous!
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    I gave them a deposit so I could get my date. I don't think I'm able to get that deposit back, so I'm kinda stuck with them.
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    We had our wedding there a couple of years ago (it wasn't quite that pricey yet).  We loved our wedding and wouldn't trade it for the world.  however, I had to call several times to get a reponse and I had to keep VERY Close track of bills and kept copies of everything because they weren't very organized.  I know a lot has changed but just FYI.
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    Thank you. I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm imagining their wedding season will be winding down soon, so I think I'm just going to wait a bit longer and start calling until I get my answers. Thanks for all the help!
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