Eggplant plum and orange decor and 120 round white tablecloths

We had a beautiful plum and orange wedding last week. Now I am cleaning house. I have the following:

30 white 120' round tablecloths 9.50 each plus shipping

2 90x 156 white tablecloths 12.00 each plus shipping

170 plum chair sashes .50 each (sold together only) plus shipping

10 plum runners 1.00 each plus shipping

350 Eggplant 20 x 20 napkins .50 each plus shipping

2 eggplant or plum 120 round tablecloths 8.00 each plus shipping

28 white roses flower balls pommanders assorted sizes 5.00 each

10 orange and white flower balls pommanders 10.00 each

10 peonies and roses flower balls pommanders 10 each

20 carriage table numbers holders 15.00
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