Alterations, music, and reception help?

Okay so my FI and I are going to Hawaii, just the two of us, and my mom is going to throw us a reception when we get back from our honeymoon. I need some help with 1) wording for the invitation since its just the reception and 2) some ideas of what to do at said reception. It's going to be small, only about 60 people and there may or may not be a dance but no formal one (no first dance, mother/daughter etc). All we've come up with so far is to have dessert, play the newlywed game, have open-mic memory sharing/toasts, share a video of our ceremony on the beach, and maybe a bonfire (it's all gonna be outdoors and we have a bonfire pit, dance floor, gazebo, and boardwalk available to us). Does any of that sound dumb/cheesey? Do you have any ideas on activities, music, or invitations? I'll take all the help I can get!
Next, any suggestions on where I can get my dress altered here in Lincoln?
Lastly, the idea for music was to hook up the iPod to a speaker tower or something but I have no idea where to rent them or the equipment to do so...ideas?

Re: Alterations, music, and reception help?

  • Have you talked to the company that ordered your dress? I would ask them if they have a store in Lincoln that they know or trust to handle the alterations and dress. Or you could call different stores in lincoln to see if they alter dresses from another store. They could probably do it.

    Do you know anybody that has sound equipment already? If so you could just borrow it.
  • Here is an idea for your invites.  We were going to get married in hawaii and have a recep when we returned, but our plans changed.  

    We're getting ready to depart
    on a romantic trip, which is only the start.

    will be married on
    Please join us for a reception
    when we return
    on (Date)
    from (Time)
    at (Venue).

    I Have only seen the Ipod idea work once and that was at my sisters recep, but she had a ton of college friends help get the party started and keep up with the Ipod.  She still had an announcer.  I went to a few other weddings that just stuck the system in the corner and turned it on, but that was it.  I think a DJ or outgoing person is always needed.
  • Alterations: Felicia Radu
    She is awesome!
  • thanks for the suggestions!

  • Julia Kleeman for alterations in Lincoln.  She only quoted me $100 (includes steaming) when David's wanted $250.   My dress is being altered there as we speak! (402) 217-0502
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