Opinions on Apothecary Lofts?

Does anyone have an opinion on the Apothecary Lofts for a reception/possible ceremony venue?

Re: Opinions on Apothecary Lofts?

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    I've never actually been there but a friend had her reception there and from what I've heard, it was amazing.   Plus, there are rooms available for you and your husband to be to stay there after the reception.

    Good luck!
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    My future sister-in-law had her wedding at the Apothecary Lofts, and it was pretty nice. It depends on your style. She had her ceremony and reception in the same place, so everyone sat at tables watching her walk down the "aisle" they created. It was a nice urban-chic kind of location for the reception. And yes, she stayed in the small bedroom in back the night before the wedding as well as the night after. FYI I don't think that location puts up or takes down the decorations, tables, etc, because her parents stayed to help clean everything up afterwards. Good luck choosing a location! :)
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