HyVee - Cake & Catering - Your thoughts?

My fiance and I are looking into using the HyVee in Council Bluffs for our cake and catering. They're one of the preferred vendors at our venue, and the owner at the venue said great things about them.
We agreed food was the last place we wanted to blow our budget on, so we're looking into their pasta bar. I'm not as worried about that as I am the cake. I'm just a little hesitant to not go with a different bakery. However, they offer a discount if you use them for both services.
Has anyone used HyVee for either of their cake or catering, or been to a wedding that did? I'd love cake pictures if anyone has them!
Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

Re: HyVee - Cake & Catering - Your thoughts?

  • I have been to a wedding with a pasta bar and it was great!  I thought it was a great idea because kids would love it too.  I've looked into their pasta bar too and I think it is only $8 p/p.  Totally worth it.
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  • I am planning on using HyVee for Cake and Floral, but have never actually seen their work in person.  I did see some of their portfolios/pictures at a couple Bridal Shows in the last couple of months and their cakes looked awesome.  The HyVee that we are going through is in Lincoln, and they had some books of cake ideas that they can do or have done as well.  Maybe go in and ask them to see some pictures of their work?  I was also told by them that booking the cake 3 months in advance is plenty of time, but our wedding isn't until October, the timeline probably varies for each HyVee Bakery.

  • I am also looking into Hy-Vee. Their cake prices seem rather reasonable and i'm sure they could pull off a simple cake design. Just a warning though- you want to ask to see the portfolio of the backer who will be making your cake. They have so many cake decorators at certain stores that you never know whose work you are actually looking at until you ask!
    I am going for a complimentary cake tasting tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, have you tried any food from their pasta bar yet? We were looking to do one, but Hy-Vee store food isn't that great so we are hoping that they have a different quality for their catering.
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    I haven't had their pasta but had some of their other options at weddings. They are decent.  We are doinng a pasta bar and using Sgt. Peffer's (pasta with meatballs, chicken alfredo, and a shrimp scamp) with salad and rolls. Everything for 120 people including delivery and service is $6.05pp.  

    Cake wise believe it or not the Cakery was about the same price as a HyVee cake and their tasting rocks. If you make an apt you can get 3 free 4 inch cakes to sample and only $2 for each additional. I feel in love with the lemon with lemongel and lemon cream and my fiancee loves the chocolate baileys cake. Ok I loved it too!

  • Thanks for all the feedback!
    Unfortunately our venue has the 'preferred vendors' thing, so we'd be charged extra to do an outside caterer. You're getting a steal with Sgt Peffers! Although, the owner of our venue said we should be able to get the pasta bar at HyVee for less than they advertise since we're going through them. I have yet to call and see.
    AmiSpade let me know how the cake tasting goes! Which HyVee are you using? Do they offer tasting for their catering items?
  • I used a different Hy Vee location for our cake and flowers.  The cake was gorgeous! The flowers were amazing!!  For our cake we had one tier chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, the 2nd was champagne with raspberry filling and the top was chocolate with bailey's irish cream filling.  We didn't get any of the champagne which is the one I wanted the most, but everyone else raved about it.  The other two were quite yummy.    
  • We tasted at the one at 180th and Q, though I doubt the taste would be too much different between them. I bet the decorating skills are what vary most.

    They were really helpful and friendly and let us try same cupcakes for free. They just had the plain white and chocolate ones available at the time and though tasty, they tasted a little too much like birthday cake for my tastes (I think the buttercream was mostly shortening).

    They are letting us come back on Monday and try some of their specialty flavors though. I really want to like them since they have great prices and are really flexible, but when it comes down to it, cakes are all about flavor.
  • Ok, we tried their specialty flavors and they are MUCH better. The frosting still tastes a little bit like shortening, but it was nicely flavored and the cakes are of better taste and quality than what we tried before. I think they must have just given us cupcakes from their normal bakery instead of their wedding cake batter the last time around.

    They also gave us huge samples of each flavor to try for free. I would definately do a consultation and give them a try! If you end up trying their pasta bar, let me know how that goes!
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