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Key West?

 DH and I are planning our 1 yr anniversary trip to Key West for this fall. We're flying into Orlando, staying in Disney a few days and then renting a car to head to the Keys. Has anyone done the drive from the Orlando area to Key West, and if so how was it? Also, any suggestions on places to eat and visit in Key West would be helpful, too. We're staying at the Southernmost on the Beach hotel.


Re: Key West?

  • We've been to KW twice and are heading back a third time this year. We've done the drive. We drove from Miami though not Orlando. It's ok but certainly not what I thought it would be as its pretty much all just highway. I have two reviews, pics and video in the link above my siggy pic. Hth and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  • I live in Florida in it is a very long drive from Orlando to Key West. From Orlando to Miami I think its a 6 hour drive? Once you get to Miami the drive down through the islands are painfully slow. Only two lane roads and traffic is awful! If you can try to break it up.
  • Yeah, that's going to be a HELL of a long drive.

    If you haven't already made all your reservations, I'd highly recommend seeing if scrapping the car rental for a plane ticket wouldn't cost too much more.  You won't need a car in KW unless you want to go to other keys too.

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  • Kristi, where did you stay in KW?
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  • In Response to Re:Key West?:[QUOTE]Kristi, where did you stay in KW? Posted by southofnormal[/QUOTE]
    Hyatt on front street. Has a great location as its only a a couple blocks from Duvall st and it has it's own really tiny private beach area with water acess.
  • we always stayed at historickeywest inns.com......they are all close to duval and are charming inns which are true keywest. make sure you go to captain tonys and get the pirates punch! oh and ft zachary taylor is by far the better beach, we've been there three times::)
  • We are getting married in KW in December! The drive from Miami area is not bad and good to do at least once! But it is far from Orlando, probably 8+ hours. As far as restaurants and things to do I suggest he key west forum on trip advisor, I have found it to be very helpful! The regulars on there are very informative and nice!!
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  • Its a LOOOOOOOONG BORING DRIVE with very large lapses of time where there is NOTHING AROUND... no restaurants, no gas stations, no bathrooms...

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    I would look into http://www.seacoastairlines.com/  which flies to Key West from St.Pete
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  • I live in Orlando and have done this drive many times. It's about 3.5-4 hours to Miami, then another 3ish down to Key West, depending on traffic. The drive to Miami is all turnpike, nothing to see but blue skies. Once you get through Miami, you'll hit traffic and slow-speed roads, which is what makes the drive long. But, if it's your first time seeing that part of the country, you won't mind the scenery/ stops along the way. You can always stop along the way through the different keys if you get tired of driving.

    I guess it depends on whether or not you prefer driving or flying, but really by the time you get from Disney to the airport, fly, get to your hotel, etc., I'd prefer to just drive. If you do drive, leave early in the morning and it will go faster (don't plan on getting to South Fl during rushhour on a weekday, traffic will be awful). Also, if you rent a car & they offer the SunPass/ toll upgrade, get it. You won't spend much on tolls going from MCO - Disney, but they'll add up going down to Miami.

    As far as things to do in Key West, make sure you do one of the all-inclusive water sports trips. You go out on a boat all morning/ afternoon, parasail, jet ski, snorkel, etc. and they give you food/ alcohol. I've done the glass bottom boat tour & the haunted ghost tour as well. Other than that, spend your time on Duval having rum runners.
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions! DH and I decided to fly into Miami and drive from there since its only about 3.5 hours. Since we go to Disney often, we decided to scratch that from this trip and just head to Key West instead!
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