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I received a call from this company called dinner 4 two and Bella cookware and they said I won a gift package from a bridal show I attended. They told me everything it consisted of and it is great! Then they said that in order to claim the prize, I have to go to one of their events they have with other couples but it is completely FREE. The lady kept reassuring me there is no charge and that basically they will cook up a sample dinner show there products, which we do NOT have to buy and then we will get our prizes. Do you think its just a scam?!

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    Ditto above.... you'll get multiple phone calls.
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    Same as PP. After they called me on Easter Sunday I finally snapped and told them that the wedding was off and to stop calling me.
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    I have actully went to one of the demonstrations. The cookware was amazing just out of my budget. We politely declined and they gave us a voucher for a *free honeymoon. I havent looked into it all the way but it was worth it. Even if the vacation is 3 days it is all inclusive. I would do it again!
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