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Kristy Rapp MIA?

Anyone else having trouble with Kristy getting back to them in the last week or two? I know she said she had no weddings the first two weeks of Dec. and was taking a little break, but I've sent her two emails without a response over the last two weeks. Am I the only one?

Re: Kristy Rapp MIA?

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    From the information you provided, it sounds like she is taking a vacation and will not be reachable for another week or so.  I would let it go for another couple of weeks.  She may not have internet access right now.

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    This happened to me right after I decided to use her. She's busy this time of year but always will get back to me. It turns out she was out of town when I was trying to reach her and she had issues with internet while she was away. I'd give it a few days. I have been VERY impressed with her and she has made my stress level go way down! I think she is usually very good with communication, so I'd wait it out.
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    She will get back to you. I know sometimes she catches up on certain days so I'm sure she'll get back with you soon. I LOVED her and still keep in contact, she'll come through for you. :)
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