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I'm in love with a venue for my wedding, 310 restaurant orlando. Wanted to know anyones experience with the venue and the food served. All feed back is welcomed. Thank You.


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  • aleznoffaleznoff member
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    I am a former event planner, and hosted a formal dinner meeting for a group of about 30 physicians at this restaurant.  The food is fantastic.  However, I got complaints with the parking and finding the venue as being difficult.  What was great was that we could host a cocktail hour outside on the patio.  However, their "private party" area is semi-private, and the party next to us was very loud and disturbed us. 
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  • annakb8annakb8 member
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    Are you looking at 310 Lakeside downtown or 310 Park South in Winter Park? I've eaten at 310 Park South once and the food was good. We are doing our RD there and the event planner is hard to get in touch with, but nice to work with when you can actually get a hold of her.
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    Anna nice to see another DC/ Orlando Bride. I am one as well.  Though not too fond of your gator as I am a Seminole haha.
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    I've eaten at 310 Lakeside and the food is good, no complaints. If you have your reception here make sure to put on your invitation where they need to park, it can be confusing.

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