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Looking for reception venue

I am from Melbourne but currently live in TN. I am looking for a restaurant to have our reception at. We are having a small wedding. Max of 40 people. Does any one have any suggestions for a nice restaurant? Preferably in Melbourne Beach. The wedding is in December if it makes a difference.

Re: Looking for reception venue

  • The Chart House has some decent packages. I they start around $42.00 a person. It's not beachside but it's on the water. I picked up a package there and was shocked how reasonable their prices were! Their catering contact is Meg Tworkowski 321-729-6558 or [email protected]  I have also heard Yellow Dog Cafe is nice. I've never eaten there but I hear it';s good. It's also waterfront. Hope this helps!
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  • Those were two that I had in mind. I was trying to see what else is around. It doesn't necessarily have to be beachside. Anything in Melbourne or Palm Bay would work. Possibly something Japanese besides Makotos and Fujiyama.
  • Did you have a theme or look you want? And what's your ceremony spot?

    I love Charthouse. It's a little pricey, but nice.

    I also have been to Enigma a little bit more north on A1a and they have a separate room for small receptions.

    My favorite restaurant beachside is City Tropics.

    Pineda Crossing is nice but expensive.

    Also, Djon's is used for receptions sometimes.

    Kibo is the only other Japanese place I can think of in Melbourne. Never been there.

    There's a new place called The Mansion in Melbourne that's VERY beautiful and could be cool for a reception. It's in the old Strawberry Mansion if you know where that is.  It's always SUPER busy right now though, so I'd definitely call soon if you are interested.

  • Thanks! I'll look into those.

    There's no theme for the wedding. The ceremony site is either going to be on the beach or at a beach park or at FIT's botanical garden.
  • I was going to say The Mansion in Melbourne but someone beat me to it. Here is a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKwfbIdubJ4

    I haven't been there since the new ownership. Last time I was there it was pink, when it was Strawberry Mansion, it looked like the picture on the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nannie_Lee_House

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