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Looking to honeymoon to Sandals

I have been looking at Sandals webpage off and on have have noticed the promotions they

have going when is the best time to book?

should I go through a travel agent? some say you get better promotions if you book with an agent...

And which resort do you pick????

I am the women that one purchase with out looking over the customer review so please feel free to coment! Thank You ! Cool

Re: Looking to honeymoon to Sandals

  • We've booked through Sandals directly, through a travel agent and through Expedia.  If it's your first time, I'd just go through Expedia.  There's no point in booking directly through Sandals unless you already hage credit with them.  We've gone three times, twice to the Grand Bahamian and once to Negril.  I really like the Grand Bahamian as you can go off the resort and it's safe.  It's also a really quick flight for us, direct, and the resort isn't far from the airport.  There are a lot of restaurants to choose from, many pools and the beach is nice.  Negril was okay but I felt a little dated.  We also did not leave the resort as it didn't seem safe to do so.  The resort is also about an hour and a half from the airport.  
  • We've been to three Sandals,St. Lucia,Jamaica and Antigua. I've booked the room directly through Sandals and the flights directly through the airlines. I have reviews and pics of all three in the link above my siggy pic if you would like to check it out.
  • I'm honeymooning at two different Sandals resorts in St. Lucia in March 2013 and I cannot wait!  With that said, I had the same questions you had a few months ago, and after some research I realized that the travel agents are no longer able to offer a lower price than on the Sandals website - it's some new agreement effective in the past few years.  HOWEVER, we went through a travel agent who threw in our choice of a couple's massage or a private dinner just for booking through her (we just picked a travel agent in our area from the Sandals website).  I know that's not a major saving, but I had wanted to do a couple's massage anyway, so why not get it for free?! The massage runs for $250-more money for excursions!

    Sandals always seems to have these "save up to 65% off" deals on their website, and if the price drops after you book it, they will adjust your price up until your final payment (which I believe is due 45 days before your scheduled trip).  I happened to be on the site one day a few weeks after booking, and I realized that our room was not almost $600 lower than when we booked it, so I emailed the travel agent and she fixed it all for me!  You can also do this directly through Sandals if you book.  I'm not sure about expedia only because this price adjustment only applies if you have not fully paid.  Good luck! 

    monkeygirl18:  how did you like St Lucia?  Were there any excursions that you would recommend me to avoid, or to definitely try?
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    These are the excursions we did this past March . If I could only choose one it would be Charlies Tiour. I should note that our first time we where there (back in '08) we did the two hr. horse back riding tour. We both found it very easy (I had ridden before but hubby had not) and enjoyable,especially when we rode bareback in the ocean.

    Pigeon Island (connected to the resort via the beach).

    The admittance fee is $5 per person. We walked all around viewing the old fort ruins and reading the history of the fort. I did not make it up to the top of Fort Rodney (I'm too afraid of heights) but my husband did. He said the view was amazing (which I saw through the pictures he took). We then headed to the beach there to do some snorkeling.

    This is the same place that Sandals will take you snorkeling. My recommendation: if you have your own snorkel gear, bring it with you, pay the fee and go snorkeling on your own after hiking like we did. If you don't have your own gear, ask at the dive shop if you can have snorkels and masks (just tell them you want to snorkel around the resort) and go on over to Pigeon Island. You will get a much better/longer experience if you go to Pigeon Island on your own to walk around and then snorkel.


    We left Sandals and took a short bus ride to the ATV place. After signing waivers we were given our helmets and got on our ATV's. We did a few practice laps around the building and then we were off. 
    We went over some rocky terrain then stopped for a bit while our guides showed us some local fruit trees. On the road again and over more rocky terrain. We stopped again and our guides showed us some crab traps. There are land crabs and the locals set out traps to catch them. 

    We then headed to a charcoal pit. The locals make their own charcoal and use it for various things. After seeing how charcoal is made we headed to our beach stop.

    The scenery was amazing! We walked the beach and hopped in the ocean (Atlantic side). After this small rest stop we were on the road again and headed to a different beach. 

    On the next strip of beach we got to open up the ATV's for a little and really go zipping around.

    It was then time to head back to the ranch. On the way back it seemed as though there were a lot more mud puddles. Of course hubs had to go through them all at top speed. By the end of our tour we were the dirtiest couple. Our bus arrived to take us back to the Grande.

    Charlies Tour (beach vendor found at the Grande)

    I highly recommend doing a tour of the island whether by land or by speed boat (we did speed boat) with a local vs Sandals. I guarantee you will have a much better experience. That being said, here are the tour details: 
    We left our resort (he picks up right on the beach at the Grande) and started heading down the west coast of the island. We saw lots of resorts and fishing villages along the way. We went through a cave that is refereed to as lovers canal , made a stop in Marigot Bay and stopped at the Pitons where our 2nd mate took our photo. After our photo op we headed to Soufriere to dock. We pulled in to Soufriere where we hopped in a cab (mini van) to head to the mineral bath and mud bath.

    Once we arrived at the mineral baths we went into the one that is a waterfall. Our guide took each couples pic as they where standing under the falls. After our pic we hopped into the second mineral bath which is pretty much a natural hot tub and was very warm, relaxing and smooth.

    After the mineral baths we hopped back in the mini van and headed up to the mud baths. The mud baths were really hot and stinky but kind of a neat experience. After dousing myself in mud (hubby was a party pooper and didn't do it) Garth ( our guide) took my pic and then I washed off in the showers (the actual mud pool was way too hot, about 100 degrees) 

    With our mud baths done we headed to Charlies aunts house for an authentic St. Lucian lunch. The house was adorable and she had tables set up on her porch. Lunch was served buffet style. She had made about 6 different dishes and it was all very delicious.

    Once lunch was done we went snorkeling at Jalousie Plantation beach ( right between the Pitons ). The fish that you could see at the base of the Pitons were really beautiful. 
    After snorkeling it was time to head back to the resort. Once we started back to the resort our guides offered us drinks (beer, soda or juice). The ride back was a lot of fun as the winds were really kicking so the boat was bouncing around a lot.

    This was a half day tour and we got back around 2pm, but we sure were tired as a lot was packed into 6 short hours. 

  • Many of the girls on here have been to Sandals however a lot of them also say they are overpriced and not worth it. They tend to be the most advertised resorts so they get more attention. What are you looking for in a honeymoon and is there a specific reason you chose Sandals?


  • Actually I found that in some ways they are over priced but if you want your own private plunge pool they are the most reasonable and in some of them you get a butler!!
  • We really like Sandals- the locations and the resorts. (We've stayed at Secrets but haven't liked the area as much as we like Sandals locations.) We've been to La Toc in St. Lucia, Emerald Bay in Exuma, and then Whitehouse, Grande Riviera, and Royal Plantation in Jamaica.  They are all so different- especially Royal Plantation since it is so small and intimate.  We have always booked through a travel agent simply because I read a million reviews on TripAdvisor before we went and that seemed to be what everyone suggested.  Since our first trip, we've booked with her because she helps us pick the right resort (Sandals and nonSandals) for what we are looking for.  I'm sure you can do the research yourself, but a knowledgeable TA can help you pick the right resort.  I had A MILLION questions before we went, and she walked me through everything.  If you want her info, I can send it over. 
    Good luck!
  • Oh, I  can send you all of our TripAdvisor reviews on each resort if you like.  Just shoot me a PM!
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    We are going to Sandals for our HM in November! We have been to one before and loved it. Its definately not a cheap holiday by any means, but I LOVE the all inclusive. I looked at the Couples resorts and they are more $$. And really when think of all the things included that you would spend $$ on anyway its not all that bad.
    I think we spent as much in Vegas for a long weekend as we did for 5 nights in Jamaica last time... I've seen rates as low as $300 a night I think, and honestly hotel rooms in Boston that include nothing can go higher than $500.00. I think its 100% worth it.

    Oh but a warning for booking flights, if you book your flights too far in advance there is a possibility of them changing. We booked everything through sandals in February for November and AA changed our flights 5 times! So I think its the flight thats the bigger concern. We kept our eyes open and when we saw a good promo for the resort we jumped on it.
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