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Name Change Questions...Again!

I thought we had a document about allt he name change stuff on the bio, but I couldn't find it. I had planned to go to the Driver's License and SSI today, but will I need more proof of ID then my old driver's license and my marriage certificate? My passport is in the safety deposit box, which I don't have access too right now. Any ideas? TIA!

Re: Name Change Questions...Again!

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    I think you have already left to go do this but I brought my birth certificate and passport and they didn't ask to see anything other than my old license and marriage certificate. 
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    license and marriage certificate did it for me.  I did go to SS office first so I happened to have that paperwork with me when I went to take care of the license.
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    yeah, i took a chance and they only needed the marriage certificate and my old social security card... it was a lot less painful then I expected!!
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