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Hi! My name is Taylor and our wedding date is June 29, 2013. My fiance and I have been trying to brainstorm on places to go for our honeymoon because we want to book it as soon as possible to keep costs down on plane tickets! Like many couples he wants to go to Hawaii since he has never been but the dilema is that I have been 2 times and would like to travel somewhere else tropical or romantic. My dream would be paris but that seems a little out of the picture. Our budget for our honeymoon would be around 5000, less if possible or if we could find a GREAT deal! If you have ideas or have gone on a wonderful honeymoon somewhere I would love to gather ideas :)
Thank you so much!

Re: Honeymoon Locations?

  • Paris and Hawaii are pretty different. What are you looking to do on your honeymoon? Sit on a beach, visit museums, party, etc? 
  • my dh and I just went to Cancun in February and it was fantastic.  Not too expensive and we stayed at an AI for a week.  We did a couple trips off the resort and it was absolutely fine.  I would recommend it.  We stayed at the Sun Palace which is a chain of AI's.  They go by different names like moon palace and cancun palace.  
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    Off the beaten path, but I would recommend Laguna Beach area in Orange Co, CA. I know it doesnt seem like much, but I have been to most of the islands of Hawaii for several years, and I feel that the beaches and sunsets in Laguna Beach are spectacular!! We stay at the Surf and Sands with a balcony that is ON the beach to enjoy the most spectacular sunsets (yes topping Hawaii's!). Between the poolside service, room service and welcoming wine from our concierge with a sweet welcoming note, this place is my FAVORITE intimate weekend away for us! There are many local restaurants with rooftops to enjoy wine and drinks and intimate times together as well as fun, local boutiques and shops within walking distance too. And if you have a rental car, Newport Beach is right down the road for some more great places to go. 
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    Yes Hawaii and Paris are pretty opposite vacations. What type of HM do you want--city, beach, busy, relaxing, culture, good food, etc? If you give us more details, we can give more specific suggestions.

    For a beach vacation that isn't Hawaii and fairly reasonable, I have heard nothing but good things about Riviera Maya in Mexico. Also heard great things about St. Lucia. I bet you could do an AI there for way less than $5000.

    If you wanted an urban HM, Chicago is fabulous, as is NYC.

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  • Since you are interested in Paris, what about Quebec City/Montreal instead? You'll encounter the French language and great food but it won't be as expensive to fly as it would be to France. I've never been but it's at the top of my list.
  • If you want both Paris and tropical the obvious answer is St. Barth Smile You can do airfare and accomodations during the low season for $5k but you would probably need to up your budget a bit to include meals.

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  • for 5k you could probably do paris.


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    I agree with 5K being a great budget for Paris. I just had friends use Airbnb.com for a great deal for a week in Paris.

    Another option is St. Maarten in the Caribbean (half of the island is French, the other half Dutch)... you could do a week there and then a week in Anguilla or St. Barths, where the celebrities go!
  • I think your first step is to decide with your fiancee on what type of honeymoon you two want, and agree on that first of all, since Paris and Hawaii are of course, polar opposites. I'm sure you can find something in between, with tropical relaxation as well as city life and if that is something you are interested then you can start searching (or asking for opinions) from there! But defnintely reel in your "must-haves" list with your fiance first of all and go from there.

    To respond to some of the previous posts, I too have heard some amazing things about the Riviera Maya in Mexico. I have been to Hawaii a few times as well, but my fiancee hasn't ever been, and we are deciding on Mexico (possibly the Riviera, not sure yet) so that we both get to see something new. But just like a PP said, I've heard great things, and there is a Palace resort there that looks amazing and has really great reviews.. might want to check it out. And in response to the Laguna Beach CA post, it could be that I'm 'biased' because I live in CA, but I really don't think so.. I much perfer Hawaii to LB, or any beach in CA for that matter. LB is fun to visit for a day, but definitely not an entire honeymoon, at least not in my opinion. It also gives off a kind of "dirty" feel to me, but that could just be me. I notice your from CA too, so you might have your own opinion on this topic as well.

    Hopefully some of these responses have helped! Good luck!

    OH! And keep in mind- booking super early is not always a good thing! There tends to be a "sweet spot" in booking hotels/flights etc, too early and the prices will be super high, but too late and they will charge you an arm and leg as well. So be careful to not get too far ahead of yourself.. I know how that goes, I plan everything years in advance! :)
  • You could go many places for 5K.  You could take a great cruise and stay in one of the premium rooms for less than that.  Australia is a great place, they have beaches.  Bora Bora is in the middle of the Pacific, but talk about GORGEOUS.  Your options are vast!

    But there are many many Carribean islands.  We took a cruise that toured each one (through Carnival), but St. Lucia I think would be the best place.  Maybe look into one of those all-inclusive locales?

    Good luck!!
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  • Paris is beautiful and if you have a budget for paris then it is definte once and a lifetime trip. While 5K is a lot remember that once you get there it is very expensive. If you do opt for this type of honeymoon, try to rent an apartment for your trip rather than a hotel. You might loose some amenities but would save some money. Some places are not air conditioned in Paris and if you are going in the summer months it is hot hot hot, with no relief of a pool, air condition or ice for that matter. Like other pp have said determine if you want to site see or relax on a beach. Because a trip to Paris, while absoulutly beautiful and amazing is also exhausting walking around all day. Just something to think about before booking a Paris trip. I was in Paris for 5 weeks and would love to go back, but not for my Honeymoon. Good Luck!!

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    Cabo San Lucas, Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar.

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