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Hi everyone!

My fiance and I are staying at the Sandals Royal Plantation for our honeymoon and we can't wait!  We're just a little curious about what some of the tours entail such as the Dolphin Park Admission and Ultimate Dolphin Swim. I've heard so much about Dunn's River Falls but I don't know WHY it's such a must-see. Yes, I know they have descriptions on the website but I'm looking to talk to real people about their real experiences.  Are there any tours that are a definite must?

We chose this resort because we are looking to have a nice, intimate vacation and some of the tours sound like we're going to be in close quarters with other travelers (as in, "forming a human chain" and climbing up Dunn's River Falls.)  I don't mean to sound anti-social, we're actually party animals - but I'd just like to know what we're getting ourselves into.

Also, how crucial are water shoes?  I think they are a must but wanted to double check.

Any help, input, advice, opinions are welcome. 

Thank you so much!

Re: Sandals Royal Plantation - Excursions

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    We stayed there last summer and didn't do any of the excursions- bc we had been to Jamaica before.  Our travel agent *recommended* (I guess based on what other travelers had said) finding a local guy named "Shelvin" that has a red john boat that goes between the Grand Riviera and RP.  We saw him at Grande Riviera and negotiated 2-3 days of fishing for $100.  He and my husband went out 2 afternoons and then I joined them the 3rd.  It is by no means, luxury, but was fun.  I guess it is how adventurous you want to be. 
    My husband really enjoyed the fishing because in the past with Sandals, he's always on a boat with others and they never have much luck. 
    Hope that helps!
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