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Let's talk, girl! Give me the scoop about Casa Feliz. :) Are you using Melissa as your coordinator person, or do you have someone else doing that? What do you think of Arthur's catering? Anything else I should know? Thanks!!!

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    I love the Casa Feliz!!  Melissa has been fabulous.  I also have a Day of Coordinator.  We are having about 95 people which makes fitting in tables difficult, but I  think it will work.  Arthur's food is amazing.  It's not your typical wedding food and they will work with special requests.  Colored floor length linens were included so that is a plus.  How many people are you having?
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    That's awesome! Thanks for the info. :) How are you decorating the space? Are you having any of your reception outside? I really wanted to have the whole thing outside, which I know is just not an option, but I kinda want the band and dancing outside. They gave us the floor plan for their typical setup, which had the band/dj and dancing inside. Not sure how I feel about that. How are you setting everything up? Thanks girl!
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    Hey, We're getting married in Dec. so the venue will have Christmas decorations up.  Otherwise, we are only having centerpieces.  Even if it wasn't the holidays, I don't think I would need more decorations.  We are having the DJ in the main room along with 2 tables and a sweetheart table.  The only thing outside ic the ceremony in the front and cocktail hour in the back courtyard.  How many guests are you expecting?  I have some good vendors to recommend if you need some.
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    We're looking at 75-100, most likely. I would prefer on the smaller side, but we have big families. We have a good list of florists to talk to, but who are you using? We're going to do our cake either with Belladonna or It's Tasty Too, and if we use a dj it'll be Jay Edwards. FI really wants a live bands, though. Know of any? I kinda want to have lights strung around the courtyard in the back. Either paper lanterns or twinkle lights or something... not sure yet. :) Any ideas you have will be much appreciated!
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