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Stupid Facebook. Still won't let me send that reply so I'm takin' it elsewhere! ;)

"Thank youuuuu! *hug* 


Shannon e-mailed me earlier this evening with another hair stylist suggestion, and I really liked the vibe from their website so I'm going to call them tomorrow.


Yeah... I can't say I was incredibly thrilled by Patricia's stuff, so I'm not disappointed to not set an appointment with her. I set up an appointment with Stella Luca this afternoon, after I'd cancelled with them a couple of weeks ago... lol I don't want to flake on them again, but I get the feeling that as long as the travel fee isn't outrageous for this other place, I'm going to like them better. 


I'm not super stressed about it - I know we'll find someone awesome. I just hadn't even thought about the day-of timeline yet so having to try to plan out when to be where and who's doing what, and to try to do that off the cuff, well it kinda makes my head spin. And I still need a veil - crap! :-P


Anyway, thanks for talking to them - you're awesome! I'll definitely let you know how the trials go!"

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