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Purchasing your own alcohol? Where?

If you are allowed to purchase your own alcohol for your reception, where are you getting it from?  Does anyone know if places that have a unopened bottle return policy?  TY!

Re: Purchasing your own alcohol? Where?

  • megan10103megan10103 member
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    I dont know about an unopened bottle return policy but Bjs has the cheapest bottles Ive seen.
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    total wine has an unopen policy and 10% off when you buy a case. the only thing they dont take back is beer and if the label is messed up they also have people that will help you buy for a party or a wedding. And aurthurs used them. (at least what they said at the store)
  • Britt1406Britt1406 member
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    I purchased all of mine from ABC. You can return unopened bottles and they will also price match. So, we took our Sunday advertisements (from Winn Dixie, Albertsons, etc) and found all of the alcohol we wanted to buy and brought them with us to ABC. ABC beats the sale price.

    If you keep an eye out there are usually some mail in rebates availble too- I think Crown Royal/Smirnoff just had one where you could get up to $50 back if you buy up to 8 bottles (they let you choose between a bunch of different brands). I had a mail in rebate for Bacardi that I was able to use, I think it was $35 or $40 off the purchase of 5 bottles.
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  • nlovesj22nlovesj22 member
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    Oh great, thank you all!  Sounds like there are plenty of options! :) 
  • greeneyedJgreeneyedJ member
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    I'm purchasing from Knightly Spirits, working with George and they do give a discount as well as take back any unopened bottles.
  • grubangruban member
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    Total wine is where i'm getting all my stuff.  They have great prices
  • lelupixielelupixie member
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    I would recoomend Total wine and BJ's. Total wine will let you return but i think BJ's is a bit cheaper.
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