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The food at all-inclusives

I am wondering what the food is like at Sandel's all inclusive. I was looking into St. Lucia Grande.  My FI and I do not like cheap food what-so-ever, we love good quality food so we would be scared to do an AI not knowing how the food is!

Re: The food at all-inclusives

  • We've stayed at three sandals ,the grande twice, and of the three the grande has the better food. I'm a fairly picky eater and I had no problems finding food I liked. I for one loved their pateries and desserts and am amazed I didn't gain a ton of weight : As with any AI that caters to the masses it's not going to be 5 star 100 dollars a plate quality but it sure is better than your average local restaurant.
  • As a side note I do have two detailed reviews of our time at the grand as well as pics. I'm sure I've got some pics of food too as I tend to take pics of everything.
  • Food is extremely subjective but I have never had amazing food at an AI, or on a cruise.  The food is all fine but it's not made to order, 5 star by any means. 
  • Wood was ok.... Nothing to rave about at all... Was there for 10 days and was bored by day 3... I am just like u when it comes to food and quality
  • We are also big foodies and after my one experience at an AI, I said never again.  I thought it was awful. 

  • I've never been to Sandals so I can't comment about their food quality. I've been to many different resorts, AIs included and to be honest, the only places that what I considered really good food was Zoetry and Moondance Villas. Secrets Capri was pretty tasty but not outstanding. Moondance Villas was the best because a private chef cooked every meal according to one's preferences.  I really like local cuisine so I just told the chef to serve us traditional Jamaican food. He was delighted to have a chance to show off his skills and he kept us really well fed.  That's one reason why we choose their sister property for our honeymoon. Private chefs aren't available, but everything is cooked fresh and according to your taste.

    Zoetry was second best because every meal is served a la carte and you aren't limited by the menu. They will cook you whatever you wish to eat, 24/7.  My husband has an allergy to certain types of shellfish and literally everyday, the head chef checked on us to make sure that he had plenty of items to choose from. At every restaurant, the chef came out to make sure that we knew that they were aware of the allergy and that there was no need to worry. I also liked that they served mainly organic food and calorie content was provided.

    With that said, I've also eaten some really rotten AI food. My H and I usually use the AI as a "home base" and always try some local restaurants as well do it's usually not a big deal.
  • the only AI ive raved about the food at was the occidental xcaret royal section private restaurant.
    have you checked tripadvisor.com?


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