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Sandals Whitehouse?

Hi all -

Our wedding date is not until early November 2013 but I've been doing my HM research already.  What can I say, I love this kinda thing!

Has anyone been to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica?  Any feedback or comments to those that have vacationed/honeymooned there?  I've never been to the island (I'm more of an MX/PDC girl) but have totally fallen in love with this resort.  Trip Advisor has wonderful reviews/ratings - albeit there's always going to be the super picky person who finds the little things to complain about.  I love the fact that it's in a quiet area of the island, with 2 miles of private beach.
My apologies if this is a topic that has been addressed but for some reason by search results are coming up with super old postings and no way to sort by date.  Thanks, in advance, for any advice/suggestions!
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