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We have a tasting coming up this Wednesday and if we like his food we are really considering booking with him. The only problem is he doesn't do any bar services. Has anyone used Joel for their catering and if so who did you use for bar services if you had a bar?
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    I advise NOT to use him. Another knottie had a very bad experience when she used him. We had a tasting with him and things were very awkward. It was like he was pushy to book then without the details being set. He didn't want to write anything down and then I asked him to write it down so he could send me a detailed invoice. He said he would e-mail it to me that night, after not receiving it within a day or two I called him andall of the sudden our date was already filled.

    We actually used Tuxedo catering and Lehela tried her best to match his prices, linens were not included, but she was able to add in appetizers and lower her overall per person cost to get close.

    I was also informed, he is actually working illegally. Apparently, caterers cannot work out of their home (which is what he did), they actually have to have a location somewhere and have all of the insurance/correct documentations (I forget everything, but Lehlea can tell you).
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    OMG we actually met with him a few weeks ago to go over a proposal and what not and FI thought he was kind of shady. Like he knew something wasn't right since he wasn't charging us tax (which is great for our pocket). But, what if he gets caught in between now and our wedding and is unable to keep our contract. We probably would lose out on our deposit and be stuck having to find another caterer! I talked to the coordinator at my venue about him and she assured us that he would be great. I wonder if they know that he is working out of his home and illegally?! Thanks... Also our 2nd choice was Aloha Productions but we just thought they were very casual. But we tasted their food and it was really good actually! :) I think I will email her and see if she will go down on her prices. Thanks so much for your info. This REALLY will help us make our decision.

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