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Gift for hostess?

Did you or are you planning on giving the person who hosts your shower a gift?

Do you think it's necessary to give a gift or just a thoughtful thank you note after the shower?


Re: Gift for hostess?

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    I never even knew about this till I came on this website.... I don't know. A thank you is most definitely necessary.  I feel weird about gifts though..... There's a lot of gifts that the bride is supposed to give other people in addition to paying for the expense of everyone's meals and all the other wedding related costs.  It's making me feel like I need to be the monopoly guy.  Instead of spending all this money on giving each other gifts, it seems more practical to me that i just spend that money on chipping in for stuff they have to buy for the wedding but apparently that's some sort of etiquette snafu according to the national boards.  It's like giving someone a gift as a thank you for them giving you a gift. 
    But, this advice is unhelpful.... someone on the national boards suggested giving a potted orchid and I think that seems like a small but appreciated and thoughtful gesture so i might do that with a thank you note. You could also do a bottle of wine. 
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    Yes, a small token is a very nice thing to do (along with a note). It can even be something you baked (bread or cookies) or made if you are  DIY type. A small basket made up of stuff from Michael's Dollar spot with her initial on it. Just a little something beautifully wrapped speaks volumes about how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.
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    I bought MOH a composite frame. She'd just been to Italy so I thought it would be a nice gift for her to hang pictures from her trip in her house :)
    Another nice gift would be a nice bottle of wine if she enjoys it or a bouquet of flowers.
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