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I have been looking at some islands, but dont have any preference. I am looking for an all inclusive honeymoon package that is luxurious. What is a good price range should I be looking for, that is not expensive?

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    You should first figure out how much you can afford and then start researching resorts to see what falls into that budget. Expensive is a VERY relative term. Some girls on here think expensive is $1000; others think expensive is $10,000. In general, I think some of the most popular all inclusives on here fall around the $3500 mark for a week. A lot will depend on the time of year you are traveling and where you are traveling from, though.


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    Are you interested in doing excursions or just relaxing at the resort?  If you are looking for an adults' only resort, check out their websites to see where they are located.  That might help you narrow your search.  I would also highly recommend booking through a travel agent; he/she will help you find the perfect place for your honeymoon.  Mine has never steered me wrong.  Feel free to PM me if you'd like her info.
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    The price point is going to depend on your destination and then the room you chose within the resort- but you can definitely work to find a destination that has what is important to you that is within your budget.  TripAdvisor is really great for reviews.  We also have a great travel agent that has always helped us pick the best resort for our budget and what we are looking for- PM if you are interested.  (We've stayed at Sandals and Secrets as a couple and then Dreams and RIU's with our families.)
    Good luck!
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