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Safety in Mexico

So I recently read this article:  http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_5665.html 
and it freaked me out!

We are going in July for our honeymoon. We are flying into the Cancun airport and getting a hotel shuttle to hour hotel which is an hour from Cancun. The hotel is in Riviera Maya - The Catalonia Tulum hotel.

Has anyone traveled to Mexico fairly recently? Any safety tips we need to know? Would the hotel shuttle be safe from these so called hijackings since we will be on it for an hour?!

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Re: Safety in Mexico

  • If you read the entire travel advisory, you will see that there are no warnings in effect for that area. There is no reason to suspect that the hotel shuttle will not be safe. The Riveria Maya is a very safe area. Use common sense and enjoy your honeymoon. 
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    According to the site, there is no travel advisory in effect for Cancun or Riviera Maya.

    I've been there twice in the past 2 years and felt fine.  We rarely left the resort except for nearby excursions.  I wouldn't be particularly worried and just exercise a reasonable a amount of caution, as with most travel.
  • Please read the travel advisory carefully. As pps mentioned, it is not for the areas you are visiting.  

    We have been to Cancun/RM numeous times and have never had any safety issues. 
  • The way I've always explained this to people is like this. If there was a shooting in Oakland, would you call your cousin in San Diego to make sure they're okay? Mexico's a very, very big place. The Mayan Riveria is a very safe region of Mexico with little to no violent crime against tourists. It's the border regions of the country, which are a hot bed for transnational drug trafficking, that you need to stay out of. You won't be anywhere near them.
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  • There are no travel warnings indicated for the area you are in.  In Phoenix, I'm probably geographically closer to the Mexican violence than you'll be on your HM.

    Don't buy any drugs or offer to traffic any drugs, and you'll likely avoid 97% of the violence that occurs in Mexico.  But seriously, as with ANY destination, just be a smart traveller.  You are the most likely to be at risk for the standard tourist schemes (that occur anywhere and everywhere you could possibly want to travel) than anything else, so keep your wallet secure, don't use any services that look sketchy, etc and you'll be fine.
  • The Riviera Maya region is extremely safe. You will be completely safe when you are there. We left our resort and walked everywhere and took public transportation (Buses!) to all of our excursions. We never felt like we were in any danger ever. It is so friendly down there and everyone is always helpful.


  • yes i have been 9 times over the past 9 years, will be there in 3 weeks and again in december.

    read the entire warning. RM/Cancun isn't on there. go out, leave the resort, have dinner, enjoy the nature.


  • Thank you everyone who responded. My co-worker sent me that article which I skimmed. I wasn't sure how close those area were to where we are staying so I'm glad I asked. I have travelled to other countries before just not this region of the world so I'm happy I asked. I can't wait to go!
    Thanks everyone!

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