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I'm so nervous....

I'm on a budget wedding, and granted I'm not getting married until 2013 (in Central Florida..like Orlando, Kissimmee, etc), I am the type of person who wants to be prepared and ready for anything...With that being said, I NEED HELP! (haha)

I've been looking for a good place for a ceremony. At first, I wasn't looking at a Church Wedding, and looking elsewhere...I looked at Heaven Event Center, and the price was okay...but the place does not include tables or chairs...So now I'm looking at Church weddings, but have NO IDEA where to have the reception...I got my colors, dress ideas...but that's pretty much it. I'm stuck and was wondering if anyone has any good advice that I can do research on for a small wedding of 65-80 people (number includes bridesmaids/groomsmen)

Any help or advice would be GREAT!! Thank you so much in advance!!!!!
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Re: Breathe in, Breath out!

  • I too am a 2013 Orlando bride and am in the same boat.....however your ahead of me as I have no idea on dress. Colors I'm ok with....I have been doing some research on venues in the area for 60-80 people under a $5K budget. I have found a few within that range....301 Lakeside, Lake Mary Event Center? I want something trendy but not too over the top....I'm curious to what others have to say to your post.
  • I'm not, like, Bridezilla or anything freaking out-wise...I just like to plan ahead and get just an idea. I looked at Lake Mary but it is rather far from where I live and the church I might be looking into to get married at...I'm curious as to where other Central Florida brides got married at...I'm looking at buffet options as well..My colors are Marine Blue and ivory
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  • I got married at Town Manor. It seems a bit pricey but it includes everything!
  • its 310 Lakeside, not 301 Lakeside, I'm sure it was just a typo :) but that place is beautiful. It's in downtown Orlando really close to the lake. I would also check out the The Mezz, a lot comes with it so the price tag at first seems expensive but it's actually not bad. I'm getting married at the Orlando Regional History center downtown in the 1927 court room. It has a church like feel with pews but is very unique to my FI and I.

    Hope that helps :)
  • yep...it was a typo...thanks for pointing that out to me :) I did check out the Mezz, it looked awesome but seemed a little out of my price range.....I saw some info on the Orlando Regional History Center myself...I am in the early stages of planning and really am trying to explore all the options I possibly can. I am so grateful to find this site and everyone who gives such great advice.
  • 310 Lakeside is amazing! I'm not having my wedding there but I had my Engagement Party there and it was beautiful! They also do weddings tho. They have a private room and you can even have a dj and dancing! The event coordiantor there is so helpful and you could get married at Lake Eola and then have the reception inside.  I aboslutely recommend it! very affordable!

    ANother option is Tuscawilla Country Club - that is where I am getting married.  We looked at a lot of places and by far this is the most affordable. It is also so beautiful and there are so many packages, they do everything and can fit any budget! Give Linda a call, she is the even person and she is just fabulous! packages even include linens, chair covers, chairs for the ceremony, etc.  Very reasonable on food and alcohol too. Lots of options so I recommend you check them out! 

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  • Check out the Longwood Community Building $160/hr.
  • We are getting married at Tuskawilla Country Club, it's pretty affordable! They do the catering/table chairs etc and you have the option to have the ceremony onsite. They have a beautiful golfcourse that's the backdrop :) We are getting married there in 10 days! Our guest count is 52 and we paid around 4k for the ceremony/reception/food/drinks :)

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    My reception is at Java Lava Club, it is owned by the caterer so obviously you must use him for food. There aren't many pictures out there, but it's really nice. Includes tables, chivari chairs, linens, the works. There is also a really nice bar and he allows you to bring in your own alcohol. It is located in Downtown Orlando, on Orange Avenue. His prices are awesome and the food is great! 

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  • Thank you all for the great tips and advice!! I'm trying not to go crazy stressful with all of this, but I'm so excited!! I'm definitely going to do research on those venues you all told me about! Thank you again! Feel free to keep giving more tips and advice for me, it's greatly appreciated!!!!
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