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WTF, Grand Bohemian?

We have a block of rooms for our guests there. A few days ago FI called the front desk to reserve a room for us as well - they transferred him to their Catering & Sales person and he left a voicemail, and they sent him an e-mail about the types of rooms available. Uh, we already know that, we set up the block. lol

So I call the Catering & Sales person directly today, she says to e-mail her the date and type of room we want, I do that, and then get an e-mail back from her superior telling me that we have to call the front desk to reserve a room as a guest of the hotel block! Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?!?

I just had to shake my head and laugh about it...

Re: WTF, Grand Bohemian?

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