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Spray tan vs. wedding dress??

I have never had a spray tan before but was thinking about getting one for wedding day...but I don't know if it will sweat onto the dress??? If it will then it is certainly NOT worth it...I am sure other brides have gotten spray tans and worn a white wedding dress...but I want to make absolutely sure...TIA!!!

Re: Spray tan vs. wedding dress??

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    I got my spray tan at Body Wrap and Tone in Winter Park and they have a natural spray tan that does not rub off on clothes.
    If that is too far, I would do a trial tan somewhere in your area to see if it will rub off.
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    I got the natural spray at Body wrap and tone in highschool for homecoming and wore a light green silk dress and it didn't rub off.  They do a really nice job bc they spray you, not a machine
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    Just be sure to do it as close to the wedding as possible (but no on the actual wedding day). I had a sorority sister that got sprayed for recruitment one year and by the end of the four days it was flaking off. It might have been just her skin or it might have been where she had it done or how they did it but either way it wasn't good. White splotches on a tan chest in a sundress and evening gown weren't very appealing.
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    And let your makeup person know that you're planning on tanning so they can account for that if there's a difference in your skin tone from the trial to the wedding day. :)
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    I go to the Body Wrap and Tan place. I get the "natural" one not the one with the bronzer because that will rub off on your clothes. I also have found that the tan looks best on the second day after you get in done. It does not rub off on your clothes at all unless you wear something really tight and sweat a ton. I go to cycle 3 times a week and as my tan fades you can actually see the outline of my sports bra. It does wash out of the clothes. If you aren't going to be sweating like you are running a marathon then you will be fine and I highly recommend it.
    By the way, I've found this great lotion that doesn't smell like tanning stuff that will help extend your tan. You can also use it if you don't spray tan. It's called Loreal Sublime. Freakin' awesome stuff!
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    Whatever you decide to do, DEFINITELY make sure you go in for a trial a few weeks before and try to sweat a little bit the days after you get it.  I am ridiculously pale, and therefore have done the spray tan thing many times.  The majority it has sweated out on my clothes, including at formals, when I wasn't majorly sweating, but was dancing and stuff.  Just make sure whoever you go with you try them first to make sure their's doesn't rub off.
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    the main thing that rubs off is bronzer right after the tan. i always get tanned with the "natural" solutions and specify that i do not want bronzer. if you do not get bronzer, then the only tan that will come off on your dress will be your skin flakes coming off. i know that sounds gross, but that's what is happening! lol!

    definitely try it ahead of time to see if you like it. and remember that airbrush tans are never perfect. different areas of your skin may take the solution slightly better than other areas. this isn't usually visible in photos, but if it will bother you to look at your hand and see a line where the tan is a little darker, don't get one! if you find a place near you that airbrushes by hand instead of the spray tan booths it should help make the tan more even.

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    Thanks girls for the help..I am wearing spanx so the sweat factor will be pretty high! lol! I will go in this weekend for a trial and see how it goes. THanks again!!
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