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Winter Park Farmers Market

Any past or future WPFM brides have any feedback on having their reception on a Saturday there?  I've been told the time is from 4-midnight, but with the market during the day.. what time are you actually allowed to start setting up and how long does the process normally take?

Thanks :)

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    we are getting married there in April. Be prepared if you want a saturday wedding to not have a date open for over a year!! We were about a 13 month wait before the first free Saturday.

    YOur vendors are allowed in there starting at about 330 any earlier than that they have not properly cleaned the place from the hundered of famers market visitors. We are having our cocktail hour start at 5 and then dinner at 6. The kitchen is small so buffets work the best.

    Hope this helps:)
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    nlovesj22nlovesj22 member
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    Thank you Jamie, that does answer a few questions for me! We just got engaged, so we are looking at this time next year.  I called the other day and right now they have every weekend in February 2012 available. 
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    I am getting married there in July. We were so thrilled that they had our date when we started planning in December.  The earliest they told us that they would promise  is 4, but that probably by about 3:30 our venders could get in the building. 
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    sarah42ndsarah42nd member
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    I would search back on the board for a while theres alot of people who have got married there and reviews on here.
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