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We're Back!

So I don't have a web page to post these on so I figured I would just put it on here. Deb from Special Touches by Deb did a fantastic job! She did both our coordinating and flower arrangements and everything was flawless. She even stayed after she was supposed to bc we didn't trust our DJ to follow the timeline. She's really great I would recommend her to everyone. 
Highland Manor: Toni was very nice throughout the whole process, she is the catering sales manager there. However, there was only one hiccup, the wrong cheese was put on our salads it was bleu cheese instead of goat not a huge deal but I really hate that bleu.

Carl Valdiva from Premier DJ Entertainment: This was the one vendor we took a chance on everyone else was a recommended by  other vendors, and it was  a huge mistake. It was raining on our wedding day, and we decided to switch to our back up, granted it was about ten min after our time to time to decide to switch but our back up wasn't far at all. He came upstairs while I was getting my makeup done and literally started yelling at me at how wrong this was and how inconvienent it was for him. My mom overheard and took over the arguing, she ended up paying him for the incovenience of moving, which only consisted of moving a small rolling suitcase. Secondly, he brought his kid with him to set up, which is fine I don't really care but not to mention that before hand seemed a little unprofessional.  Then when we went to preview the room he had these weird red and green LED lights on the ceiling, which would have looked good if they had matched our colors blue and white, but they were red and green! It's not Christmas! Finally, he botched up our lineup for our wedding party, he mixed up the maid of honor and bestman and forgot to announce one set of BM and GM. At least he got our names right.

Party Flavors did our cake and it was absolutely amazing!

Jennyfer Huff from Florida Weddings Photography did our pictures I haven't seen most of them but the ones I had turned out amazing, she was very nice, on time, and did a fantastic job.
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    sorry to hear about the DJ how unproffesional that is to yell at your customer. Did he forget you were paying his bill?  I would be furious for how he approached me on my wedding day with that attitude.  Won't be talking to him for my dj services. I hope you got him to take down the mismatching lights.
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    Congrats and thanks for the reviews!
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