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Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic??

Hi Ladies,

DH and I are narrowing down our honeymoon locations and are looking at DR. Has anyone gone there recently? Where did you stay and how expensive was it?  We absolutely have to have all-inclusive and are strongly considering the Now Larimar resort. 

 I'm just looking for your suggestions on resorts and experiences, TIA :)

Re: Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic??

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    It does depend on what you're looking for in a resort, but we loved Catalonia Bavaro Royal in P unta Cana. We got the premium suites (with huge soaker tubs in the room) and I think it was about $3000 total? We also booked last minute so I know the airfare was the really expensive part. Do read the reviews though and request your building based on suggestions (some are remodeled, others not) - if you're interested.

    Pros: Great food, great service, fabulous room, adults only side, nightly entertainment, free room service

    Cons: Smallish beach (was fine for us, but not if you want to walk up and down it for miles, or swim out really far. there was a barrier, but you could easily swim over it like we did), seaweed (they cleaned it up all the time but the beaches there naturally attract it)
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    We just got back from Sirenis P unta Cana.  We paid $1200/pp for all inclusive 7 days with airfare from Phildelphia.  We also booked two excursions totalling an additional $500.
    We loved the resort and the beach... only few pieces of advice... this resort caters mostly to foreigners... which means most of the staff speaks very broken english... knowing a little Spanish goes a long way...  Also, a few American dollars go a loooong way as far as getting great service (bring lots of ones!)
    Finally, if you book excursions (we booked through Apple), make sure you verify how far the excursion is from the resort.  One of our excursions was a 2.5 hour bus ride away, and the Apple rep told us it would be more like 45 minutes!  Needless to say, our booking agent is trying to get us a refund for that excursion.
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    [QUOTE]We just got back from our HM in the Dominican.  It was amazing!  We stayed at the Hard Rock hotel and casino PuntaCana. Not sure what you are looking for - but when we walked the beach about an hour and a half south of the Hard Rock, a lot of the beaches were really seaweedy and smelly... It looked like a lot of the resorts didn't rake it up :(   .... So I was really glad that the beach in front of the hard rock was always clean and free of seaweed.
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    We also did the Hard Rock in DR for our honeymoon!!!!  and absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!  the resort is huge but very beautiful, no waits or lines for the restaurants and plenty of beach/pool chairs; on most vaca's I've always had to rise at the crack of dawn to reserve a chair, but NOT HERE!  mind you, we ewnt over a holiday wknd (Thanksgiving) as well but the service and amenities were never compromised due to the high occupancy rate - a situation I've experienced many times at most resorts. 

    There's about 13 different pools and 12+ restaurants so there's lots of options and variety, as for the beach, its gorgeous but the water is ROUGH, like hurrican rough but really fun!  another thing, I found it to be very good quality for AI!!!
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    You're considering NOW, had friend of friends who had a DW there and they loved it!!!!  the pics of the resort were GORGEOUS!

    I'm biased to Hard Rock but 257 acres is just too big of a resort for some, as for other suggestions, had more friends who absolutely loved the following:

    Princepe Ambar
    Iberostar (Very Very Popular)

    All of the other suggestions on here, Catalonia, ME and Zoetry are all fabulous too!  thing about DR and specifically Puntaa Cana, is there about 90+ resorts to choose from so good luck, you're gonna have alotta work ahead of you if you decide to go with DR!

    as for pricing, I believe NOW is one of the more reasonable whereas Hard Rock, Ambar, Paradisius are up there in $$$, Zoetry if I remember correctly is way up there $$$$$...
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    I have never been to the DR but I have had many family member and friends go and they LOVED it! We are going there for our honeymoon and are staying at the Barcelo resort for a week it cost $2500 for the both of us. Not to shabby for an all inclusive. Happy hunting:) Hope you find something you like!
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    I just got back from the DR on Sunday and we had an amazing time. We stayed at The Reserve in the ParadisusPunta Cana and loved it. The Paradisus owns 3 resorts down there and really has a wide range to fit a lot of different budgets. We stayed 7 days and had a suite and paid $ 2652.00. As PP said there was some weeds on the beach but not a lot. Only when a storm had come through the night before. We also booked 3 excursions and had a blast. Food was good, and there is a ton of it,  although I found it very salty but I dont salt anything.  Here's a helpful tip....bring lots of singles!!! We brough $200.00 in singles and it was worth it. Tipping 2-3 bucks makes a total difference on your service and they truely do appreciate it. They remember you, they remember everything you like and make such an effort to make you happy.

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    [QUOTE]as for pricing, I believe NOW is one of the more reasonable whereas Hard Rock, Ambar, Paradisius are up there in $$$, <strong>Zoetry if I remember correctly is way up there $$$$$</strong>...
    Posted by mwiederhold[/QUOTE]

    Zoetry is one of the more expensive resorts, but you can find good deals through bookit.com, allinclusiveoutlet.com etc. Plus, it really is worth every penny. 
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    I am staying at the IBEROSTAR GRAND BAVARO in a few weeks and it is in the top 5 as far as hotels there...check out trip advisor
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