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Hi! I'm newly engaged and looking at places. Anyone get/getting married at Paradise Cove in Orlando? I'm really interested and need some opinions! They recommended caterers also, any top ones out of their list?


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    Paradise Cove is a great venue!!! My best friend got married there in April! I highly recommend it and she would too! The location is great for out of town company as it's close to so many hotels of all different price ranges.  The staff was wonderful and so accommodating.  It's such a neat place! She has a wedding with about 120 guests but I think they can accommodate up to 300.  There is a great place for the ceremony and reception and one of my favorite things about it is the "bridal suite".  It's this 2 story house...a great place to spend the days with your girls getting ready.  If my best friend hadn't gotten married there my fiance' and I definitely would've considered it!  I highly recommend! As far as the caterer goes, I believe they let her use her own, rather than one from the list.  If you are looking for an officiant or photographer my fiance's Dad is Rev. Kev (w/ A Beautiful Ceremony) and he has done several weddings there. Our photographer (who was also my best friend's photographer) Kellie w/ KWU Photography as also photographed a few weddings there and is very familiar with the property and where to take some nice shots!  Good luck to you in your planning!! 
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    I looked at this venue as well, but they didn't have any Sat. opening left for the time I was looking. But it was gorgeous, and they were so helpful! It's definately a good place to go out and look at.
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    I recommend it too. My best friend got married there a few years ago and it was the perfect environment! :) You can get "beach" type photos from one angle and then a totally different feel from another angle. :)
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    I'm getting married there in March of 2012 and so far I've had nothing but wonderful experiences. Shanna (their wedding cordinator) is amazing and very knowledgeable. We booked Big City Catering so far we've been able to find everything we need through them. Big City knows someone in every price range for every vendor you may or may not need.

    PM me if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them for you :)
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    I am also getting married there 5/4/12. Good luck! If you have any suggestions let me know!
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